20 hp Quincy air compressor big enough to run your whole haunt and maybe another one too! I acquired twin compressors from a hospital 3 years ago, thinking I'd keep one as a spare. I installed the first one and it has run my whole haunt every since ( without straining or even work hard) with way more capacity to spare! This is a screw compressor so you don't need much for storage tanks. The machine just runs at idle until air is needed then the compressor kicks in to meet demand. Total capacity of this unit is about 90cfm @ 100psi. The motor is a 20hp , 3 phase unit with adjustable voltage. There are about 40K hours on this unit , which would seem like alot , but the factory guys tell me that the service life on these is about 80K hours. The one in my haunt runs great so I've decided I need the money more than a spare. Quincy is THE premier air pump on the market. A new unit like this one costs about $18,000. I'm asking $5500 for this one. free to call me @810 499 9741 or email to [email]jkr13@hotmail.com