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    Dec 2003
    Yes they could do that. Thats why i stated as well as others it could not be policed, it would be honor system, these would be suggestions which would still be better than No suggestions.

    It would be honesty and hopefully some would be honest.

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    Oct 2003
    Baltimore, MD
    The idea of securing Health insurance is a HUGE deal, and would of great benefit to many haunters, mainly pro haunters who may still keep their day jobs for fear of losing benefits and in this case health insurance...


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    Raycliff Manor Guest
    As a follow up to this topic, I thought I'd post an email just sent out to IAHA Members.

    Fellow IAHA Members,

    The IAHA Board is already busy working on the 3 Year Plan! If you haven't already done so, you can view the 3 Year Plan on the IAHA website at www.hauntedhouseassociation.org. One of the objectives of the 3 Year Plan is more education and safety training. As part of achieving this, the IAHA board has implemented a new area of the IAHA website dedicated to providing educational materials, articles and documents related to both business operations and safety. We encourage you as members to visit the Members section of the website and explore the new Business Zone! The Business Zone will expand and we will be announcing new developments and additions as this takes place. As an association, it is our desire to provide the members with the information and knowledge to succeed as haunted attraction and haunt related business professionals. We are confident that the Business Zone is an excellent start to providing added value and outstanding business tools toward that end! We hope you enjoy the beginning of many great things to come!

    Onward and upward while paying it forward!


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    Dec 2003
    It would be really cool if Tim would grace our presence here on the Hauntworld boards.
    Tims a great guy, i see him doing some great thinhs down the road for IAHA.

    To share his veiw points here would be nice!
    TIM, Im calling you out man! LOL

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    Raycliff Manor Guest
    Hey Kevin, Tim asked me to pass on to you that he lost his HauntWorld login and password. Tim also said to tell you that he just posted yesterday in the RFR chat room how he thought you and Ron would be great additions to the RFR chat. Tim visits there quite frequently.


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