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Thread: Indoor/Outdoor Haunt

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  1. Cool Indoor/Outdoor Haunt 
    Join Date
    Feb 2011
    Grand junction,CO.
    I own an indoor haunt and i love it but what about you outdoor haunts out there. Is it any diffrent from an indoor haunt (other than its outside)? Also what do you guys do if it rains? Thanks for all that apply.

  2. Default Outdoor 
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    Feb 2011
    We own two outdoor Trails and one indoor haunt. The outdoor is completely different than the indoor. With indoor you have one facade (for each haunt) and several rooms. Outdoor we build "sites" which is practically little "hut" styled buildings. Each building may have two rooms inside and generally aren't that big (depending on the site). Now here is the kicker each site has a facade. So our indoor haunt has two facades with 20 rooms in each haunt. Our outdoor haunts have about 18-20 sites each with their own facade.

    Also there is the build time. Indoor you are working within one area (typically). Outdoor your event is spread throughout a trail that is about a mile long. Sure four wheelers and such help, but it kind of sucks when you get to the furthest point on the trail and realize you forgot a tool or board that is all the way up front.

    I will say this though. I have sooo much more fun working on our outdoor events than the indoor. I can't really explain why but I do enjoy it.

    I have always been told by some big people in this industry that Outdoor events generally generate more traffic than indoor. I don't have a direct comparison as our haunts are all in different cities (ranging from Louisville KY, to Fort Lauderdale FL). But from looking at other haunts in our areas traffic (parking lot, lines, etc.) it appears that we are doing more numbers on our outdoor than any of the indoor haunts. Now I know that lines and traffic can be deceiving because who knows how their throughput is, but we pump groups through really quick ourselves.

    As far as the rain IT SUCKS!! The 2009 season we had to close EVERY Friday we were open and one Saturday. That totals to 8 nights being closed. Rain is a big issue. We don't call our event off unless we absolutely have to. We have tons of mulch on standby in case it does rain. But as long as it is not raining hard around 7 p.m. and the trail isn't totally washed out we open. We mulch the trail the best that we can, and explain to customers before they get their ticket that the trail may be muddy.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.
    Jason Weber
    Midnight Terror Productions, LLC
    Nightmare Forest

  3. Default  
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    Jan 2007
    For me when I start haunting, I want to do an outdoor trail. Most important, low overhead and I feel you can do more. Plus you can't get the same attmospher (spelling?) inside as you can out.

    I think people's skin crawls more for outside haunts because it leaves a lot to question. Such as anything can happen or pop out at any point outside in the dark.....put it this way everything is more natural outside. As to haunted houses being more compact into one space, say maybe to controled???

    There are limmits to indoor haunts, but the biggest pro to them is not dealing with mother nature, but mother nature can make it's own Halloween special effects.....

    Brainstorming is fun and we all have our own thoughts on indoors or outdoors. I know you need to ask this one question, what state do a haunt in??? Cause here in MN we can see snow in Ocotober, but that does not stop people haunting outdoors.

    Mr. Haunt

  4. Default  
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    Feb 2011
    Grand junction,CO.
    Ya i totaly agree...... but how do you go about getting fire code to go along with it......do u have to spray every tree with fire retardent or what?

  5. Default I built Some Half-shelters 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    So if the rain is light or just occasional most customers can have a partial shelter if they want to and not get soaked to the bone and have a good time. I don't make full covering roofs over walls because this creates places for bats, birds, bees to live, moreso than not.
    With a display area where some standing may happen as they "watch" I do have a roof only for shelter. It can be somewhat portable, it's on wheels on a concrete slab but is fastened from tipping over by steel cables holding it from moving around at all.
    I feel you have to provide at least a little something for possible weather protection to keep the customers happy.
    If the weather is severe we open a door, close a door and re-route everyone back into the house with just 10 feet of outdoor exposure.
    My outdor part is only about 70 feet wide by 45 feet long but it is woodsie with a maze , a tomb, a wrecked car, hearse, chainsaw/trike and more trees and bushes and lots of vines , clinging to everything, all natural.

  6. Default  
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    Nov 2009
    Every area will probably be different with fire codes. You don't have to spray trees but you might be limited on the square footage of your outside buildings. Check with your fire marshall.

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