No. It's not Spring Break Yet! Patrons returning for Birthday celebrations, bringing family & friends, spending time here , inspite of a dire weather forecast of ice/rain!
Then some total newbies! Who also knew the weather forecast but Finally came here from many hours away, and were they fun!
I know many of you haunters keep a listing of how many customers exited early (fearfully) how many embarrassed themselves by mess ing themselves, ex cetra.. but I should be compiling a list of how many of my customers asked me to "Stop!"
Stop ... making them laugh!
Because their face hurts from me making them laugh too much!
Yes, last night it was happening again, for the newbies!
Such influence and control over another (or a roomfull of others) is a huge ego-feeding frenzie which is very addictive so,,, now all of you have been warned, take care and caution.