I hope this is ok to post this, I'm not selling it. It's a trailer for a film short I am making, very low budget, and instead of Blue Screen, for parts of the films I'm using video projectors. Long before I was working in the haunt industry, I did independent films. I began doing that again, not really with a clear vision of what I would do with the film. For now it's free entertainment, and might possibly inspire any other filmmakers that you can actually PROJECT effects into scenes with actors.

This is the trailer for my work in progress, Harry Murdoch and the Curse of the Grim Reaper - so alas, it is horror related. There's some ghosts in it too. It was shot almost entirely in my own house, and within a mile of it. The Graveyard scenes were set up in my yard, and the SKY CAM view was taken out a window of the house. My goal was an enjoyable film short, for almost no money. Here is the trailer, have fun. I will post episodes [10 minutes each] once I get some feedback and find out if this is wanted by people, and if it IS or is NOT the right section of this forum.

Finally I am shooting episodes 4-6 this spring and summer, and I will be working on some really cool wizard effects.