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Thread: fire extinguishers

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    Nov 2007

    SCfearfarm... thank you for you input it's much appreciated.

    RJ.... I was wondering acctually if someone would come up with (or up agaisnt) a situation like you described. Which is also one of our concerns when we do eventually get ourselves into a building. Would be interesting to read what your fire marshal did say about that situation. As well as what others have done to curtail that issue.

    Also I do like your solution to the problem "putting them all in actor positions." At least you can always hope you can trust your actors not do something "stupid" with them.

    I also agree that "The ultimate goal is safety."

    Thanks for the insight and suggestions everyone.

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    Oct 2003
    Corona CA
    Just like RJ Productions

    The FM doesn't like the customers to access to
    the extinguisher.

    My extinguisher are placed in actor position only.
    All actors must have flashlight with them to help
    lead customers to exits.

    We do a fire drill every night before we open and
    each actor signs a fire drill participation sheet. This
    insures that all our actors know the placement of
    all extinguisher. We fax our participation sheet to
    the FM on Mondays and the FM is thrilled with us.
    Midnight Evil Productions
    Owner/Operator of www.CoffinCreek.com/

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