Hi Everyone,

I try to keep my nagging to a minimum. Last year I sent PM's and emails, this year I figure I would save the majority of the people on here from my annoyance. However, being in the position I am in, I still need to take some responsibility and be pro-active. So...if you are interested in a tax write off please, keep reading.

I am the Entertainment chair for the Relay for Life of Southern Connecticut State University. Our largest on-site fundraiser is this INSANE haunted attraction that is built TO CODE in no more than a 12 hour time frame. This year is our largest yet at 1,800 sq ft and it is ENTIRELY run off of donations and sponsorships. It is a huge undertaking and huge risk (especially on here, I love you guys! I hate asking for stuff all the time for this, hopefully one year the school will give us a decent budget to work with) to pull off. Our Relay has raised a whopping $190,000 for the American Cancer Society in only 6 years. (Coming from broke college kids, you can tell most of our campus REALLY supports this event.) The biggest and most popular on-site fundraiser is our very own haunted attraction.

This year the admittance is going to be only $5 (but with the amount of people that gets pushed through, it's a LOT) and EVERY penny from the proceeds goes towards the American Cancer Society. I do not make a penny off of this, and neither does anyone else. All donations stay with the haunt to be recycled and re-used again for the next year.

I have a tax ID number on the American Cancer Society letterhead that I can provide to anyone who is able to help this great cause that not only helps the fight against cancer but makes our industry look good, so you may claim your donation as a tax write off.

No donation is too small, literally everything and anything helps.

My personal contact information is in my signature, feel free to contact me at any time, as long as I'm not in class, I'll answer.

I do not mean to start any issues on here with certain members, or do not mean to come off as riding in on a high horse. I'm simply trying to help benefit a really close cause, I break my back for absolutely nothing in return, just because I really care about this. I have lost so many family members and even a very close friend to cancer, and this just makes the pain a little less worse. (Insert my ridiculous teary eyes here.)

I really hope some of you on here are able to help out this incredible fundraiser for this incredible cause. You guys are amazing, and I'm really thankful to be a part of a forum with as many awesome people as you on it.