During my visit to Transworld last year I had a handful of people ask what is the USS Nightmare? I just wanted to share this bit of history of how it came to be. Hope this answers any questions. You can also check out video of the "Mitchell Massacure" on hauntworlds videos page or on youtube. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jJG9r4t7lc )

This info can be found on riverboatdaves.com

Type: Sidewheel dredge
Size: 280' long, 70' wide, 10' draft
Launched: 1926, by Davo Corporation, Neville Island Boat Yard,
Pittsburgh, PA.
Area: Missouri River
Owner(s):U.S. Corp of Engineers; The Missouri River Queen Co.;
BB Riverboats,Inc. 1 Madison Ave. Covington, KY 41011
Phone: 606/261-8500
Captain and pilots:
Comments: Is one of only two dredges built to use the large dust
pan style of dredging.
Vessel still has most equipment on board.
The vessel was in service until 1986.
After being decommissioned it was transferred to The
Missouri River Queen Company in Kansas city to be
refurbished as a Steamboat Museum, however during the
flood of 1993 "The Mitchell Massacre" as it is called by
the Kansas City news, occured when the vessel broke
loose in flood water and did not stop until it had hit
5 bridges and suffered severe damage.
After this the Missouri River Queen Company changed
hands and restoration was placed on hold.
She was eventually sold to BB RIVERBOATS.
U. S. William S, Mitchell: