I think my house looks pretty impressive as one drives up, looks at it, looks around. A two-story Italianate with fancy decorations and a cupola on the roof and numerous odd decorations al over the house and yard you won't be seeing anywhere else and they say:"We would like to see the house...is there a "charge"?
Maybe I should say, "Well if this is just a dream of yours money is totally unnecesarry and unreal so there will be no charge,but since it's just a dream, hand me all of your money, credit cards and your car keys and cell phone, nothing will happen to them at all since this is just your dream and none of these items are actually real or have any value."
IF they did ever hand over these things I would be very tempted to just scream a loud squeal and run as fast as lightning up the street not looking back!
HEY! That might even wake them up!