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Thread: What Might Be The Stupidest, Most repeated Comment That You Have To Hear?

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    Oct 2007
    These are the most common... These are all when I'm roaming the park/sliding. Inside the haunted house it's too damn loud to hear anything.

    1. STOP BLOWING THAT DUCK CALL IN MY EAR (I have a duck hunting call I like to blow in peoples ears every so often)
    2. Bro you're like not even scary bro, stop trying to scare me bro (Which is most of the Jersey Shore lookin kids, but what they don't know is I'm not trying to be scary, I'm a distraction for my scaring "buddy" to come up behind.)
    3. Don't scare me, please don't scare me. OH F**K HE SCARED THE S**T OUTTA ME!
    4. OMG how do you make your slider gear?
    5. What knee pads do I use?
    6. How old do you have to be to work here?
    7. I'll give you 50 cents to scare my friend (yes someone actually offered me money) to which I replied "I get paid $110 an hour to scare here... I don't need 50 cents"
    8. HOLY S**T I didn't see him at all with the fog.
    9. Doesn't sliding hurt your knees?
    10. How do you make your sliding gear?
    11. How do you make your sliding gear?
    12. How do you make your sliding gear?

    You get the idea.

    And this one from my manager (it's a volunteer job) But basically I scare at this little haunted theme park that sucks. The haunted house is horrible and looks like it's designed and built by a 6 year old. I would have already quit if I didn't have the ability to roam the park. I was supposed to leave for Marine Corps bootcamp October 11th, so I didn't go to the Knotts tryouts. About 2 days after the tryouts were over my recruiter calls me "her your bootcamp got pushed back to Janurary." So since I didn't get a job at Knotts, I was stuck with this. But my manager has the nerve to tell me that I absolutely HAVE to paint my entire face black under my prosthetic...

    The full face prosthetic is designed to look like it's part of my face, and designed to look like it's part of my actual skin, but she wants me to paint the face black? Even though no one will see my face with the prosthetic on? I could understand if the prosthetic wasn't meant to look like part of my face, but since it is, there is no need to. The lady clearly has no idea how to run a haunted house, as they still have "Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers" rooms, and a bunch of other lame ideas. But I stay so I can roam the park which the only fun part of the night.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll scare at almost anything as I love doing it so much, but please don't try and tell me how to do something I know 100x more about than you do. They do a thing called a "wuss" count, where they count how many people leave the house early, I got 65 of the 73 wusses that night on my own, with my prosthetic and no black makeup underneath... And she's trying to tell me how to be more scary... lol And in the haunted house they don't allow free roam of your room, you have to stand in ONE spot and just yell at people, no getting in there face, no getting into character, no moving around the scene and making use of it. Obviously I don't follow this rule either since the room is huge and it's being wasted by not allowing the monsters to use it all.

    Done venting,
    Last edited by txaschainsaw; 10-13-2011 at 01:37 PM.

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    May 2011
    Northwest Arkansas
    This one was from one of my fellow actors. I recently bought the "Deviant" mask from Zagone Studios, which didn't exactly cost a fortune but was still more than I've ever spent on a costume before (seeing as how I always used the ones provided by the managers). I was showing it off, showing people how the mouth moved, when a big guy comes walking up to me wearing one of the haunt-provided masks. He says, "Dude, your mask is awesome! Can I have it?" I tell him no, I paid for it, and he offers me $10 for it. The local high school drove a bus down to our haunt filled with drama students, all begging for scaring positions so that they could get extra credit. This guy was one of them. They had no clue as to how to work an improv-heavy act like this, and they didn't know how much a good costume can actually cost (made evident by all the masks and other costume pieces left lying around after closing... my boss nearly blew a gasket).

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    Sep 2010
    I work at a venue that doubles as a community sports facility. Every friday night they also host a middle school dance. Those nights are miserable since I roam the general grounds.

    "Where do you go to school"
    "Do you have facebook"

    Not to mention all the new annoying questions I get because I'm on stilts this year.

  4. Default non stop question 
    Bob Shaw Guest

    I was asked non stop through the whole month if I was real, i was a poked, grabbed, and everything you could think of, even hugged by a lady. No one wanted to believe my wall walking vampire was real.

  5. Default That "Stupidest" thing heard- October 2011 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    It was a hollow "Clunk!" sound from the video of a drunk here ramming his head into a plywood wall , with all the lights "On"!
    My employee says, "Well, I've Never seen that before!"(I hadn't either. No chase, no scare reaction, no previous proclamation of threat or intent.)
    I guess everybody is "good" at something?
    His friends with him were very puzzled and amazed too.

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    Jul 2010
    I love the "Did you paint your eyes?" when they see me in my contacts. Yeah, I really painted my eyes. Cuz that makes soooo much sense......

  7. Wink  
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    Sep 2011
    Cash, Texas
    I work in a "freezer" with bloody bodies hanging from the ceiling and a strobe light.
    what i mainly hear is:
    You can't touch me!
    Something touched me (hey dumbutt? you are in a room full of hanging bodies so yes they touched you)
    Can i have your number?
    Youre too cute to be scary
    oh shit oh shit oh shit

  8. Default "Hey, Mister! 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    which way are we supposed to go?" As they are in a walkway with no dead ends, or alternate routes possible.
    I like to think they are just scared and playing "dumb", or they are so dumb they think I am going to give away my hiding place and begin answering those non-question questions?
    "Hey kid! I'm hiding right over here. I thought you or someone with you might have paid to be in here because you wanted someone to scare you, but I guess not."

  9. Default Real, Real Stupid Question HERE. 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    If you have ever even seen a picture of my house, The Ravens Grin Inn, it is not photo-shopped, so imagine a customer coming here for the first time, looking at the outside and asking:"Do you leave these decorations up all year?"
    Well here's the quick inventory of my "decorations"
    A "Spaceship crashed into the roof of the cupola"
    A Spooked Victorian paint job on the house, flat black on the lower portion turning to grey as you look up.
    Several 1950 Hudson cars impaled into the side of the house .
    A 14? foot high, steel, all welded skull at the corner of the house.
    And of course numerous other smaller things all bolted, screwed to the house and numerous signs large and small all talking about this house one way or another.
    Sometimes I will tell first-timers that since it's dark it looks like this but they are just being influenced by the full moon and the rural hog lot and city sewer plant fumes because this is really just a 1950's Turquoise and white house trailer by the normal light of the day.
    Yes, it's a "House" zoned Commercial, been Commercial since 1870, hidden down a backstreet all by itself, surrounded by three parking lots and then beyound that trees, woods, cliff, river, just like being out in the country!

  10. Default  
    fright Guest
    1. "you can't touch me"
    2 "give me a hug"
    3. "if you touch me I will sue"
    4. "it's pennywise the clown!" (Im a clown but not pennywise)

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