I got some restore the other day while at Home Depot. I got a gallon size of it. Got it tinted black, got it home and used it on the foam sarcophagus lid I carved. It's been 24 hours and pretty thick in certain areas, and so far, it feels like latex paint!

Now, my gallon size container says "Restore Deck Stain" I've wondered if it was just to paint over the 5 gallon pail, which would be the real product I was needing. But so far, it's no better than latex paint.

I'll post back pics of the gallon, and my lid tomorrow, maybe tonight but we rescued a dog today and have to tend to it to figure out what we're going to do with it. Since the robbery I've been wanting a large dog to put outside. This may be an answer to that. But anywho, I'll post reports on it.