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Thread: Bad Vendors and Unfinished Business!

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  1. Default Bad Vendors and Unfinished Business! 
    So TransWorld is almost here and I wanted to hear if anyone is still owed from last year? I am going to start and I will come back at some point and tell you if these Vendors made it right. At this point I am planing 1 Lawsuit on well documented props that was thrown together and shipped to me and 1 Theft by Deception. I have been a force in seeing that all buyers are treated right. I would also do the same for a Vendor if I heard of a case and seen the facts. It's time for me to step up and make some examples of these people for you guys.

    1. Scarefactory... I spent over $70.000.00 and had more than my share of headaches. I had not bought from them in a while and gave them a second chance last year only to be slapped in the face again. I was told " we should have called more" I will say this I did not buy a damn used car that had a sticker on it that read " Sold as is"! When I buy this stuff I expect it to be EXACTLY AS IT LOOKS AT THE SHOW, I EXPECT IT TO BE PLUG AND PLAY, AND READY TO GO! WE NEED THIS STUFF WORKING IN OCTOBER! I know some things happen this is not the point but NOT AN ISSUE WITH EVERY SINGLE PIECE! I will say I have been in talks with David but as of today he not made it right with me. We will see how far this goes.

    2. Johnson Animatronics... I bought a Dino and Train $7000.00 and can't complain about how it held up because I DID NOT GET EITHER PIECE! Brett finally called First of December after I filed a police report and explained why I did not get my products. I agreed to hold up on allowing the police to proceed and agreed as long as I got it by TransWorld. Well I have sent several emails and left several messages and not a DAMN! Word! Ok now I just want the money! I tried to make it easy and allow them to send me product now I can't trust them because I am afraid I will get crap! Now I am slaped in the face to see not only like others are they showing at TW but on their site they are offering 10 to 30% off all 2011 orders! WTF is going on here people! It's time to make examples of these people that they CANNOT KEEP DOING US THIS WAY.

    3. SpookyWoodsFX. Owed a costume and I just talked to Mark but in all fairness I have to list him because I don't have my costume. We will see hopefully I will get it.

    Guys this has to STOP! Not only are we losing money but our shows are suffering which in return means more money we are losing. Ever noticed how these guys are your best friend and when they think your going to buy will answer the phone on the first right only to have them ignore you after the check is cashed. I get so mad that I am licensed to carry a gun and want because I am afraid I will just lose it and it happens you see it everyday on TV! It's so wrong on many levels! Guys they are making fools of us!

    It's time to stop going to the show and forget about all the money, trouble and heartache they put us through only to see that Prop that is lit up like a Christmas Tree and forget everything. I am calling for a stand when we are taken advantage of lets just start boycotting these vendors and it's time to start telling TransWorld stop allowing this only to pad your pockets! TransWorld is making money and were losing it! I already have a meeting set up at the hotel with several guys who want's to join for those who want to learn more on this contact me. THIS IS THE YEAR TO PUT THIS INTO PLAY! Let's save ourselves and others this trouble! Shane and it's let me hear from you.

    Let me add this in thinking about it. NOT ALL OF THIS INDUSTRIES VENDORS ARE LIKE THIS. THERE ARE MANY GOOD. MOST OF THESE ISSUES AND MY POINT IS FROM THE SAME ONES OVER AND OVER! Not only will this help us in the future it will help other vendors who are honest and hard working to sell more product! It works for us all and yes I have 2 vendors who are attending this meeting too!
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    You may want to clarify number 3 as SpookywoodsFX, not Spookywoods, the haunted attraction in NC. Tony runs a first rate haunt and should not be confused with the other company that unfortunately shares the same name and I would hate for any confusion to arise...

    Just sayin'...

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    Guelph, Ontario, Canada
    Thats insane about Johnson Animatronics, quite balsy on their part. I want to be there with a video camera when you confront them at their booth.
    Fear Engineer

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    I think if we need to prove to Transworld that we are true business there to spend money, they need to start making the vendors prove they are business in good standing. If you have documented proof and vendor did not supply you with the items you PAID for then they should not be aloud to show at the convention till all matters are settled. And i don't mean nit picky bullshit but thousands of $ not accounted for please. They want there guarantee we will pay them , well were is our guarantee we don't get scammed.


  5. Default escrow service 
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    Huntington, IN
    I checked into an escrow service a while back and that may be the thing to do. It wouldn't be good for samll orders because the cost starts at $ 150. Pretty simple though. The money is paid to the escrow service, the date of shipment and other terms are spelled out. The money isn't released until the buyer has their order. If there are going to be different ship dates because of a split order, then have it spelled out.

    No delivery, no payment. Delivery made = payment made.
    Brett Molitor (aka ~ JamBam) Member of HAA

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  6. Thumbs up Here is an example for us haunt owners to chew on.... Think about it... 
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    Mar 2009
    Iím a math/numbers person. 30% of all the transactions I made at the haunt show last year in St Louis came through in the end. For the remaining 70%, I had to get my money back or they are still ditching me.

    Here is the ExampleÖ That would be like us taking 10,000 customers money to walk through our haunt and only having 3,000 people actually walk through the attraction. The other 7,000 walking through a door that leads straight to the exit. I donít think your haunt would do very well with those numbers angry, people would ever return and they would talk down the haunt like crazy. you would be finished!!

    I will NOT be one of those burned twice people. I will be at the convention networking but that might be it.

    I hope to see everyone there. Safe travels!

    Peter T

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    Aug 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by FablesStudios View Post
    Iím a math/numbers person. 30% of all the transactions I made at the haunt show last year in St Louis came through in the end. For the remaining 70%, I had to get my money back or they are still ditching me.
    I'm a math guy too and those are not very good odds. Maybe cash and carry is it. Listen to Shane and Larry's tips and pay with Credit card so you have some protection. Not sure what is scarier, you guys' haunts or the vendor horror stories...
    A.J. Porfirio

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    Dec 2007
    Here is a listing from me..
    ScareFactory- Don't buy from any longer was repairing more than scaring
    Studio TeK- Bought it in March promised to be on my dock in May did not get it til the first week of September (Oh and they have a policy get this (NO REFUNDS ON YOUR DEPOSIT)
    Shot in the Dark- Be very careful. They have at least promised to give me new stuff in St' Louis.
    Pale Night- Rip you rock!!
    CFX- Always delivers
    Unit 70-Best place to buy static props and animatronics..
    Spooky Props- Good friend and great stuff..
    Gore Galore- Always stands behind his stuff and delivers on time..
    Distortions- Always rocks...
    Johnson Animatronics- Never bought from before but it looks like it will break very quickly
    I could go on and on... You need to get your stuff way before you give these guys full payment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawng View Post
    thats insane about johnson animatronics, quite balsy on their part. I want to be there with a video camera when you confront them at their booth.
    me too!!!!

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    Manitowoc Wisconsin www.nightmarefactoryhaunt.com
    Shane, Id love to sit in on your meeting. Fortunately, since 2004 when I started my haunt, I have never been ripped off in all my dealings. I have had a few close calls and have some produts come last minute. Last year I ordered one of those walking chairs from Scarefactory, but did not come and then in early October I had a call from them wanting to ship and I told them to forget it. I always pay by credit card and if I would be ripped off, I would contact the credit card company and demand a refund. So let me know when and where and Ill try and make it....
    Nighmare Factory Haunt
    www.atheateroflostsouls.com Or if you need makeup or supplies www.abramagic.com

    "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"

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