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Thread: Bad Vendors and Unfinished Business!

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  1. Default is scarefactory showing this year at transworld? 
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    Sep 2003
    with their horrible reputation, (for years now) they should'nt even be allowed in the building !!!!! good luck, Shane........ this is terrible !!!!!

  2. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Still owed masks from Hauntatorium Studios. and some product from Graveyard Prop Shop from the previous year. The prop shop may be tied to a new vendor there this year, I will be looking for them.
    Mike Bizub

    Ghouls Gulch www.GHOULSGULCH.com

  3. Default will this ever end ? 
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    Sep 2003
    I can't believe the total disrespect these companies have towards our haunters. this stuff ain't cheap! and then not to deliver ANYTHING or "shotty" quality goods? this is a disgrace!!!! good luck, all you guys having problems with these LOSER, RIPOFF "supposed" vendors. THIS IS TERRIBLE !!!!!!

  4. Default  
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    Dec 2008
    Longview, Texas
    Well I'm there with SpookywoodsFX (not to be confused with Tony's haunt) Mark emailed me the other day and told me I would receive the rest of my costumes pieces. It has been over a year now. I will shout from the moutain tops when I do receive my stuff. I love his work he is quite the artist. I will play the wait and see game. I agree about, vendors who do not deliver should not be allowed to sell their wares at TransWorld. I think that is absurd to the nth degree! How dare any vendor sell anyone anything when they have yet to fill my order!!! Johnson Animatronics wow! Hauntatorium ! WOW you will not get my business! I want to be treated like I treat others and I will accept nothing less. Shane is right, we have to stand up for ourselves.

  5. Default  
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    Jan 2010
    I still have not received my subscription from 13th hour from last years show.

  6. Default 13th Hour is another one! 
    I will say this Brett Johnson from Johnson Animatronics called me and hes bringing the Train and Dino to TransWorld and then on to Alabama. Also I am in between talks with David and will post the result of that hopefully all this will be corrected. BUT I will say this what I said still stands we have got to put a stop to this it's costing us money! Shane and it's stay tuned! Shane

  7. Default Scarefactory Still at it 
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    Jan 2007
    Well, I was thinking (hoping) that Scarefactory had tightened up its' ship, but looks like maybe no. The Haunt I'm working with bought roughly 20k worth of stuff last year-most of them have to be rebuilt this year.

    Against my advice she purchased one of their horse drawn carriages and it's been problematic. Paid nearly 1200 for shipping-but had to rent a trailer and equipment and drive 80 miles to the Fed/Ex hub (who ships 14' pallets on fed/ex?) to pick it up.

    Much damage due to lack of packing/insulation and a stripped out axle that will have to be re-tooled to put the wheels on.

    No reply to the couple of emails sent to David thus far..........
    Kathryn DeSautell
    Lafitte's Landing, Dark Shadows Entertainment

  8. Default  
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    Mar 2010
    Post that on the fright forum

    More attention usually means quicker response

  9. Default  
    David Ludick Guest
    bought stuff from Gag Studios. Told them i needed it by mid june.....Emailed them last week,no response.
    ordered a mask from Fearscape studios. Talked to them about a mask I hadn't received. They guy at the booth at MWHC said the guy he had work the Transworld booth was pocketing the money......not sure if its true or not, but told me to contact my bank.
    Bought a giant clown mallet from Haunted Enterprises...said they didn't make that prop, but sold it, and would contact the builder...again, not sure if true...

    75% of orders at transworld got me nothing......fantastic.....what a horrible first experience. Im just glad someone warned me about Scare factory.
    Scare factory, ill consider buying $50,000 dragon when you consider customer service and working products.

  10. Default us too.... 
    Hate to hear all the bad news,
    last year we "did" get everything we ordered at Transworld but a "certain company", that we made a $3,000.00 order of pigs & hanging meat parts for our freezer set with, showed up the day before we opened...they were promised to be here in June.
    So far this year we haven't received anything yet. I been on the phone & emailing & hope to not have the last minute scramble we had last year. I keep posting and as time draws near, name some names later, just still want my stuff at this point....

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