March 4th 2011 on Sirius radio-BBC science program:"Particles are in two places simultaneously. To show this, see this, a cube was constructed in a clean-room ("Clean" as in "Computer-chip Manufacturing")
To "see" the particle the three things had to be absent: Wind - Heat - Light.
I have just described the wine cellar here (pretty much on a much more lax scale of measurement, of course)
A ghost has been seen in the wine cellar beginning in 1925. Orbs have been seen and photographed there (just one photograph, we saw it first with the naked eye.)
The wine cellar is chiseled and blasted from solid Dolomite rock cliff under the house. Dolomite is some people's favorite rock in the "Haunted Rock " theory which believes that a house may be "Haunted" because the rock under it is like a "Psychic-Energy Storage Battery", and certain people at certain times of the year, season, weather conditions can pick up on this energy?
Who knows? "Science" may explain it all someday for us? (One "Particle" at a time.)