Afternoon Everyone,

We are overhauling our Haunted Attraction which is located in Belmont, NC just 10minutes from downtown Charlotte.

I have provided a list below of items I am willing to sell at 40% - 60% OFF...!! WE have an animation experts on staff and all items have been WELL taken care of...If party wants to purchase all items I am willing to provide further price assistance. I will personally work very close with anyone that is interested and get what you want. Please pass on if your would care too...

Contact if you are interested.

ScareFactory Props:

Giant Skelerector - 4K
Table POP / Desk-o-lator - 1K
Corpsolator - 1500.00
Coffin POP - 2K
Gravejumper - 1K
Bed-O-lator - 3K


Frankensteins Assault - 5K

GEP Productions:

2 Vortex Tunnels - 5,500K per unit

NightScream Productions

Anaconda lunger out of chest on table - 1700
Snake lunge out of standing chest - 1500
Automated water barrel blaster - 1K

VP Productions:

Electric Chair with Character - 2K per

Rubies Costumes:

2 Micheal Meyers Full Size Limited Edition Props - 600 per

Elevator - Boneyard Productions

Built on airbags, includes all bells and whistles, fully automated - 4K

Haunted Enterprises:

Last coffin ride simulator - 4K

Thanks again,

Kevin J. Blanchfield
Owner - The Haunted Mill