After several years of developing and working on slider gloves... we are nearly 100% operational!

These gloves have replaceable palms. Plus we have practice palms (without spark) for training or practice situations. Then easily pop on the spark palms and "Spark On".

We used these all last season during our haunt with 6 sliders. The palms lasted the entire season. You can purchase (1) Pair of gloves that will last multiple seasons and just replace the palms. Stretch that expense further.... And when you don't need or want sparks - the practice palms are all you need. Plus we have tried every knee pad on the market and have found our choice of knee pads and set up as a dealer with the company. So we are offering a full slider set (Knee Pads - Specify size : Slider Gloves :Set of Spark Palms :Set of Practice Palms for $250)
I'm hoping to have some images online soon and we will do some pre-orders in a week or two for 20-30 pairs - after that we will focus on next season for a complete market attack!! We have experimented, tried and used this equipment for the past 2 seasons and fully in 2010. So it has been tested and modified for a long lasting situation. And if you do go through your "Spark Palms" you only need to buy another pair of "Spark Palms - $60 - $70 instead of an entire new set of gloves.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!

3 Years in developing and testing. 2 years for this style of glove and knee pad. 1 full season - 6 actors and final tweaking and deals to help get the pricing right. Sorry so late in the game -

Holler if you have any questions.... Pics soon.....