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Thread: What to use for door openings

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  1. Default What to use for door openings 
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    Dec 2010
    Blacksburg, SC
    Hi guys, I have seen all types of things used, but I was wanting to find out what type of materials most of you use for a door opening to go from one area to another that doesnt actually have a real door. I have seen black freezer vinyl strips, cloth, etc. and I was just wondering what worked best/didn't work well, and which were the most inexpensive and still fire retardant. If anyone has any ideas or websites to order from please let me know! Thanks!


  2. Default door covering 
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    Aug 2010
    Charlotte North Carolina, United States
    I have used ca-mo netting and plastic sheeting both fire-retardant. or just make a wall to turn them before they go into the next room we always put some sort of hallway between rooms for spacing and line of sight issues.


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    Jan 2008
    Lock Haven PA
    We use camo netting, black canvas (get it at a surplus outlet), freezer flap, jute and more. Just make sure you use flame retardant if it isn't already treated and/or retreat.

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    The other replies have been great, I use those two, but here are more options

    A laser - for about $200 you could have a laser above the door shooting down in a fan shape, on one side the actor could see them coming, but they couldnt see through it. really awesome doorway and room transition. Especially when as they approach a hand shoots through the laser right at their face!

    I have used linolium as a doorway before, attach a piece to each side of the doorjamb the same height as the door jamb. Make the long though, not just long enough to meet in the middle, make them like seven feet long. They will curve toward each other and make like a mini clostrophobia tunnel, but as an entrance or exit.

    I have also made the transition between rooms into a closet like set, so they walk through the doorway and there is a shelf over their head with shoe boxes and what not, and clothes hang on both sides that they have to brush against.

    I have also used a refrigerator as a curtain, lol. My haunt two years ago was bug themed, and the first set was a kitchen. The exterminator/ greeter slid the fridge aside to reveal the "problem area". I cut a fridge in half with a reciporating saw and hung it from chains on a piece of barn door track. It worked awesome and gave a surprise entrance.

    thats a few ideas that I have tried and they worked,
    Allen H

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    Mar 2010
    Mesa, AZ
    We have used cheap black felt, treated of course.


  6. Default So nobody Uses... 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Garden hoses? Cut up? I have yet to use this idea but I think that as cheap as even a brand new hose can be that it might work fairly well? They come in colors too!
    Use a hose and paint it to look like guts! snot?
    If it doesn't hang straight-down enough, seal one end, put some sand in it.
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