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Thread: What to use for door openings

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  1. Default Secret Passage Doors 
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    Aug 2003
    Troy, IN.
    Our house uses a storyline and each room/scene has actors. We use hidden doors that blend into the decor in nearly every room. This seems to make our customers a bit more uneasy not knowing exactly how they are leaving until the actor reveals the exit. It also gives the actor complete control of the time line as well as directing/redirecting them to the scares in each room as we are very animatronic heavy in each scene. The passages that our guests exit into are all pitch dark turn about mazes leading them to the next room. We open throughout the rest of the year for private interactive mystery parties, with very few actors, so this works out very well for us. The layout of the house has all the rooms from the game 'Clue', but we have added a few more like the master bedroom, nursery, wine cellar, etc. Here are pictures of some of the passage doors:


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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    "Gee Allen, you would REALLY have trouble designing and operating in a trailer!!! Welcome to my world!!! Eight foot width!!! There are tricks my friend!!"
    Ive done trailors before and a friend of mine has a trailor haunt here locally. They are harder to work with and really hard to get good production values from. I thnk the choice of theme is the big one because it can justify the smaller spaces and tighter passageways. I think sharing the tricks youve discovered would have great value, like posting specific floor plans from past shows would help out folks considering or currently doinbg a trailor show.
    Allen H

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