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    Aug 2003
    Dark Matter wasn't done on the ESQ-1. It was my best friend's Korg N5-EX. It was also done live with no overdubs.

    Glad you love it, man. I got my soul into it. Scary thing is imagining how it was recorded, the sight is too horrible to behold. Not a huge studio, but me on my bed in a mobile home in a SWIMSUIT with the keyboard and hard drive recorder there playing it all out.

    I feel like a one trick pony for releasing only ONE CD compared to yours. But then, the movie soundtrack is taking up my musical skills. Will release again after the soundtrack is done. Your Night Sins, you got my email, me still likes, was listening here and there at work.

    The Horrorween music I showed you used some multitracks and midis for proof of concept. Some are live such as the kalmbach in the wind cue which uses 2 ESQ tracks (Moog track and kalimba track), wind track is through an Akai 612 sampler and the low rumblings are an Alesis Nano-Piano which I also used for The Lowest Circle. One directive is going off in every musical direction. That helps in good stead.

    I still love flying the ESQ-1s. One thing I did to help out on them was redraw the schematic on Rainer Butchy's website (the definitive ESQ-1 source).

    the Alesis and the sampler unit are in the homemade rack on the floor.
    The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.

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    Nightgore Guest
    I am using instrument libraries from multiple vendors and some actual instrument recordings (violin, piano, woodwind, etc.)... But that's not the end of it!

    I'll be releasing info on the next CD from TerrorMedia... that will be recorded with a live orchestra! No synths... No midis/loops... all REAL recordings! I'm putting everything I have into this, lets only help it works!

    As for keyboards... I have a Roland Fantom X7 and a GW7, all into a Power Mac G5 with about one terrabyte of hard drive and 4Gbs of RAM!

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! -Tyler

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    Mar 2004
    Sorry, my bad... I could have sworn that was an ESQ-1!!
    Nonetheless don't sell yourself short. Remember that
    all I do is music!! I have the time to do what I do
    because of my career.

    As someone who has conducted and written for bands and
    orchestras most his life I can tell you that, in my honest
    opinion, NOTHING will ever replace an orchestra.

    BUT, as Dr. Robert Moog once said, there is no such thing
    as a fake instrument playing fake music. Because, in the
    end, it's the music and not the instrument.

    "All this technology making modern music can still be
    open hearted".- Geddy Lee, Spirit of the Radio

    It is the music, not the tools we use to realize it,
    that touches the listener.

    The tools are just a means to an end.
    I write what is in my heart and in my
    head. How music gets from my heart
    to the heart of the listener does not
    matter one iota, just as long as it
    gets there.
    Virgil: Master Of The Ethermuse

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    Aug 2003
    Amen there, brother. And you got some serious HEART going into your music!
    I took Gwen's advice, simply take quiet time and listen. Guardians of the Night did one something fierce for me.

    Two songs I showed you are testaments of my life. One was for a friend I thought I lost forever, the gothic one "song for a gentle flying soul by the bonfire". And when the loss was found NOt to be, the song "shout of joy" wrote itself.

    speaking of which, both will be played live of course. Shout of joy is pretty genreless, the only way to describe, a triumphant military trumpet fanfare going into tribal drums and then going mainstream with a Van Halen style wild guitar madness. Don't think you can really pin an easy genre to that one

    Remind me on my next paycheck to catch up and fill in the missing CDs from your library of ever growing music.

    Also, hope you will be at Vegas Transworld when it gets out here. I owe you a beer in general.

    The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.

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    Mar 2004
    Pre-orders are being taken online at the Evilusions store http://www.evilusions.com/shop/ and the Rotting Flesh store http://www.rottingfleshradio.net/store/ as well.

    Both Evilusions and RFR will have copies onhand at HauntCon.

    See you all at HuantCon!!
    Virgil: Master Of The Ethermuse

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