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Thread: Good/Great Vendor List as we prepare for TW!!

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  1. Default Good/Great Vendor List as we prepare for TW!! 
    Since we always see/hear about the bad vendors, let's do a list of GOOD/GREAT vendors and why they are good to you.
    THIS IS A LIST ABOUT GOOD VENDORS ONLY PLEASE! I'm trying to get a focus on the good guys in our industry and who we SHOULD spend our money with.
    Here's my list:
    1. Gore Galore- good people, good products, good communication, good prices, super quick delivery
    2. Distortions- excellent, reliable animatronics, good communication, good people
    3. HH- good people, haunt website drives a ton of people your way
    4. Arrival Masks- great masks, 10x's nicer than latex with a little of the silicone look without the high price tag
    5. Poison Props- good people, great communication, super quick delivery, good animatronics
    6. Haunted Enterpises- wide variety of products, quality products at affordable prices, good people
    7. Click-n-Print- good people, good communication, excellent fee structure, free use of scanning products, etc...
    8. Sinister Visions- produces excellent websites, good people, good communication
    These are just a few that stick in my mind, like everyone, I'm sure there's a couple I have forgotten, I apologize
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    Feb 2011
    Don't forget about. Pale night productions , digital sound and lighting , midnight studios , cfx , Gep productions , onaderia , scare products and not to mention the awesome HPI ,just to name a few

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    There are many others; however, let us know why they are and/or were good to you when you ordered. I for one, will visit with and/or buy from a vendor because of peoples insight about that vendor.

    KaoTic, you also have soke good vendors there.

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    Longview, Texas
    hey don't forget about http://www.HauntCompanyReviews.com This is exactly why we started this website. Please add to the reviews here. We are adding vendors all of the time. This is a place where you can find websites, names and phone numbers. One central location for everyones FREE use! Thanks!


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    Sacramento, CA
    We bought one of the amazing spiders from Dark Raven Designs for last year. They took a 50% deposit to start building it and we paid the balance the day it was shipped out, that part worked great! We had some issues with it during our run, but Jim was always there to answer the phone to help me get it back up and running. Even when I know he was busy running his own haunt.

    I look forward to what new toys they will have this year!

    Thanks again Dark Raven & Jim!

    Here is a quick little video of someone freaking out over our spider 'Charlotte'. Turn your audio up, the sound he makes is awesome!



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    Mar 2007
    We purchased a couple animatronics and several props from dream scape studios with out any delays or problems. Great communication and prices were reasonable. Checked them out at transworld this year expecting new animatronics only to find they had streamlined into a full née line of some of the best weapons out there and a new super light frame for their oversized costumes that I have to say resembled gore galore versions. I did notice that two their workers were previous workers of gore galore, did they jump ship or what? Either way the new costume is light weight and easy to get in and out of. I will be watching them for future products.
    Repairs are a good thing, they point out the weak links in the design!!!

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