There are going to expenses incurred as the ticketing company must also make money.
A lot depends on your market. My market sucks for people buying ahead.
They have a mentality of show up and buy! But I still use an on line ticket company.

First I would suggest that you pass the on line ticket cost to the consumer.
They are use to it as Ticketmaster and the like always had a ticketing fee attached
to the ticket. At first the services were suggesting the haunts absorb that cost.
It is a convenience fee, so it is more convenient to the customer, he pays the fee.
Most services will allow for this.

You also have the use of the equipment, the scanner(s) and any support hardware.
See if there is a fee for usage of the equipment. You can sometimes negotiate this.

Shipping. You have to ship the scanners both ways. Do you are the service company pay for this?
Most require you do, some ship to you, you pay the return. In any case it is an added expense.
Do you want it to just be a cost of doing business or do you incorporate it?

Some services require a minimum ticket purchase or you will be responsible to make up the difference.

As I said most points can be negotiated, shop around. TW was a great opportunity as most were
represented. Some services are adding other features. I heard Interactive ticketing is incorporating
on site merchandise sales into their platform.

Decide on the requirements you need, shop around and get what works best. Try not to lock into a long
term contract as if you are not satisfied you can switch the following year.

Try not to rape your customer with the fee. Keep it reasonable, but don't screw yourself either.
Remember you will have a small percentage that pays on line then never redeems the ticket (found money).
IF you think you may only sell a couple hundred the first year, factor that in with the ticket fee. If their fee
is $1.00 a transaction, shipping is $50.00, just add 25 cents for a $1.25 fee and you have no out of pocket cost.

As many have stated it just makes sense to have on line ticketing. Even if it starts slow (as our has) it will increase
as more and more people become used to on line shopping. It is also an image thing. Do you go to the haunt that only
takes cash or the haunt that has on line ticketing and takes debit or credit??? Which case seems like a company that plans
on being around a while??

Opps, you didn't even mention if you took credit cards!!! That could be a whole different thread (you should take credit cards too!!)

I have used Click N Print for a couple years, no problems.