Did anyone get a chance to see the new light weight overisized costumes from Dream Scape Studios at Transworld? They have a new super light weight back pack type frame system that is easy to get in and out of, has all kinds of adjustments for the person wearing it to make it more bearable for longer periods of time. Using a wii nun chuck controller along with a EFX TEK control board they offer head movement left, right, up and down using the joystick and mouth movement with the push button for the animatronic version and at a lower price they offer a non animatronic version with head and mouth movement from the operators body movements. I am purchasing just the frame/armature to replace the one on my gore galore costume as it is too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. They offer a retrofit kit at a reasonable price and the price of their costumes are at or below anyone elses on the market with more options and better fit and comfort.