Drove 25 minutes to get to little Shannon, Ill. where they always have a large Labor Day parade.
I just finished applying the new light green snakeskin patterned vynl to the hood and the roof of my Spookmobile, even added a large shark fin on the roof, covered with green vynl too!
It's The Corn-Fed, Illinois Land -Shark!
It has moving arms going up and down from the hood, right beside the eyes , right above the large open mouth full of teeth where the grill used to be.
To have missed the amazing opportunity to drive my car passed 1,ooo's and 1,ooo's of smiling, laughing , friendly faces, all now talking about my house, my car, the experience of having a fun time visiting my house, would have been quite a loss.
Last night we were very busy here and at bedtime (2am), I felt very, very tired and physically beat down, but I woke up intime to get to the parade!

The Lena, Illinois JCs had three hearses in the parade, one pulling a small trailer with an antique organ on it with a furry-suited walking critter too advertising their haunted house too.