We had one cancellation (The Asylum) from our MHC bus tour, but we added another haunt (The Haunted Castle) and now we are at 20 attractions! This is going to be the biggest bus tour yet. We've worked really hard to provide this fantastic opportunity to tour 20 attractions with a variety of haunts. Most of the tours will be self guided dark tours, but we'll have several lights-on attractions on the tour. We'll be showing the movie The Dead Matter on the buses too (how cool is that?). Thanks Ed! Bus tour dates are June 1 & 2.

As of March 9; we've already sold one bus and we're about half way through the second one. There are only four buses reserved for this tour so don't wait too long. Ticket prices start at $229 per person which includes all attractions, your hotel room, bus, snacks and all your meals. We will have a drivers tour available where you can purchase your haunt tickets at the door.

Looking forward to scaring everyone at the Midwest Haunters Convention in June. Go to the web site for more info at www.midwesthaunters.com

Kelly aka Spike