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Thread: Wall Pamel Flame Test by Georgia State Fire Marshall

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  1. Default Wall Pamel Flame Test by Georgia State Fire Marshall 
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    Nov 2005
    Dallas, Georgia
    Many of you are aware of our dealings with the Georgia State Fire Marshall. Here is a video showing his process for flame testing our wall panels. The panel in the back is a Scarefactory catacombs panel treated HEAVILY with New York Fire Shield. The panel to the right is plywood backed, carved white EPS syrofoam hard coated with LINE-X truck bed liner. The Scarefactory panel passed but the hard coated panel is another story. Watch the entire video to see what happened. A flame retardant treated vacuform panel was tested as well but I do not have a video record of that. None the less it melted down fast and turned into about a square foot puddle of black burned melted plastic.

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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    So what was the response from the fire dept?

    Also who pays for the cost of the test as you are burning $100 panels?
    Do you have to do this every year???

    What is their guidelines? They had the initial fire, not many problems, so then they heap a ton of
    straw and burn it longer???? ANYTHING will burn given enough time and temperature including metal!!

    A lot has to be said for your evac time. Any fire retardant is just that, a RETARDANT in that it will burn eventually.
    It is just supposed to give you time to evac the people.

    So what was the final conclusion of the test? Kinda looked like a couple good ol' boys having fun burning stuff!!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Dec 2007
    So tell us what he determined..
    Do we need to go buy some dry straw and put it thoughout our haunt let the fire deptartment come in and set it a blaze to see what burns? Most fireman are just legal arsonist anyway.
    I really dont understand how this proves anything other than anything will burn eventually..

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    Nov 2005
    Dallas, Georgia
    The result was that we could not use any hard coated foam or vacuform pamels anywhere in the haunt. Were were allowed to use pathches of vacuform but we could not cover an entire wall with it. All of our wood walls had to built from inherently fire-retardant plywood ($$$) which then had to have a base coat intumescent paint applied. Our original plan was to use carved foam for our mausoleum and the crypts in our cemetary but we ended up building them out of wood (as described above) and spraying them with ProKote acrylic stucco.

    Rich - We had to pick up the cost of the test panels.

    Paul - Cannot agree with you more, but we were not about to argue with the fire marshall. We did what we needed to do to obtain his blessing and get our doors open.

    I posted the video just to show what we had to go through to get our haunt open.
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    Nightgore Guest
    This...is...wrong! Very uncalled for...let's see, let's add "fuel" to the fire and see if it burns! HA...I say, let's take some straw to the fire department and see if it burns too. This is unbelievable. There HAS to be something that can be done about stuff like this...do they not recognize the THOUSANDS of entertainment attractions that use hardcoated foam as part of their scenic treatments?

    What do they do when a theater/stage production comes to town that uses foam? Anyone ever heard of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA...ALOT of foam! The circus?

    Maybe rethink your zoning, remember we're not commercial, retail OR wholesale...I know some haunts get zoned that way and it's not fair!


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    Mar 2008
    Eastlake, Ohio
    Your right about vac form. Mine was tested last week and it went up like gas. I have a puddle of melt.

    I wont say who I bought from.

    Hay rides in ohio need a burn test as well.

    They look for the speed of which it burns.


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