Early on I had my city state in writing the standards they would hold us to.

They established a written policy for haunted houses and mazes as a result of my requests.

Here is what I have had to work to.

"1. Decorative Materials
a. All decorative materials (decorations, drapes, backdrops and props) Shall be either inherently flame retardant and labeled as such, or shall be treated with a flame retardant that is registered with the California State Fire Marshal. Any material not appropriately labeled, as fire retardant, shall be flame tested.
Note: The flame test shall consist of putting a flame to a sample of the material by a match or lighter. The test shall be conducted outside the building on a specimen of the material approximately 3 inches wide by 10 inches long and oriented at a 45-degree angle. When testing, the flame shall be applied at the bottom edge of the material for a period of up to 12 seconds. If the material fails to ignite, or if it ignites and self extinguishes when the flame source is removed the material shall be considered flame retardant."

The fire marshal can of coarse do whatever he wants, but when a written baseline is established it tends to put a rope around the issues.