Hey guys- Jarred here from Frightmare FX. We're a brand new SILICONE mask company starting out this year.

Just to give you guys a little bit of background information- All of our artists have had YEARS of experience in this field working with various mediums and haunt/horror settings. All our masks are made of a specially formulated silicone we get specially made just for our masks. We re-enforce all our masks with a special mesh to prevent running tears.
Our prices are pretty low- Show pricing- $399 (Reg. $449) All our masks can be custom painted any way you would like them. We can also do custom sculpts for ROCK BOTTOM prices! (Email me for details at Jarred @ Frightmarefx . com )(no spaces) Our mask sizes are the same if not better than our competition, as well as our paint schemes. We try offer the best silicone masks we can make to our ability, with as short as possible wait times, YET not skimping on the quality of the mask or paint!

I don't want to sound to formal/business "like" on here, but i don't want any body to take us lightly. We plan on expanding our mask line to a total of 15 by next transworld. (check us out, we have a table this year!) As well as adding many additional products. We also currently carry a full line of soft foam "realistic" weapons. We have just about every weapon you could think of and if we don't have it, we can make it for you at a pretty low price.

We have a facebook page, check us out and "LIKE" our page!

We also just got our website up and running with even MORE products on their!

Ill post some pictures up on here and try to keep it updated as we add products, but im new to this forum so it may take a few days to get used to!

If you guys have any questions just post them or PM me on here, or you can give us a call or email (Contact info on our website) and we'll have someone help you out!

Thanks guys!
Let me know what you think of our masks!

Jarred Alcala
Frightmare FX