We have a great line up of seminars and demos in store for this year, and more being added. Just to name a few….Mr. Gore himself, Kevin Alvey of Gore Galore, returns to enlighten us on his ultimate glorification techniques that promises to make the Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like a Sunday afternoon walk in the park…..and Virgil, Master of the Ethermuse , the maestro of mood, the ayatollah of audiola, will conduct us on adding a veritable symphony of sinister sounds to our scenes. Brian Warner of Evilusions, or ‘Gadget the Gizmo Guru’ as he is more commonly known, will lead us through the ins and outs and ups and downs of pneumatics…..and Rob Johnson, of Bodybag Entertainment, undoubtedly one of the hardest working people in the haunt industry today, will display his unique slash and gash expertise for body prosthetics that’s sure to thrill. This is simply a small taste of the line up so far. There are also demos on creating your own low cost blood by the barrels by Killer Katie…..the use of motors for creepy creations by robotics expert Wes Bourne…..building the most believable bubbling caldron by ‘B’ movie mogul Phobos…..constructing your own thunder and lightning display by Thirstin Howell that will fool Mother Nature herself…..and we have a couple more that we are keeping under wraps for now just to build a little antici……….pation. You won’t want to miss out on this menu of mayhem.