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Thread: Dream Scape Studios

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  1. Default Dream Scape Studios 
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    Jan 2009
    First and foremost we would like to thank each and every person or group that either stopped by or purchased items from Dream Scape Studios, there has been much discussion in regards to “knock offs” and “copies” when in fact the original designer/sculptor behind the makings of many Gore Galore products has taken his talent and moved on to work here with us at Dream Scape Studios.
    Let’s look at the history of giant/oversized puppet like costumes and where they began before we go giving credit to someone whom themselves took the idea and fashioned it in their own way. You can go back as far as the 1600’s to Europe and follow it all the way to the 1930’s to the United States where Disney too made their own version of these large figure like costumes. In all fairness we don’t know who the originator was, however we do know that Gore Galore, Ex Mortis, Fear Scape Studios and possibly others have put their own unique spin on this idea. Those that seem to have the problem are those who are too ignorant to look up the facts and in turn save face by bashing another company that has the artist behind Gore Galore products and put their own spin on it making it better in more than one way all while offering it at a lower price.
    Our improvement was a light weight aluminum armature/frame that is fully adjustable in three different areas, shoulder width, lumbar support location to fit users back making it more ergonomic, and costume height to keep user from walking on costume fabric. These improvements were by far needed as all the feedback we received before going into production were hit on in many ways. Additional improvements are interchangeable heads and shoulder supports between armature/frames within minutes, modular pieces that are cost effective to replace when needed thus eliminating the need to ship an entire costume back for repair, shipping is less expensive with modular pieces as the costume can be broken down and shipped in boxes rather than being dumped onto a skid and charging the customer a ridiculously high flat shipping fee. These improvements were our general improvements that apply to both our non animatronic and animatronic versions. Non animatronic version has head movement to mimic that of a bobble head with separate mouth movement as well, animatronic version has head movement left, right and up and down along with mouth movement all made possible with the use of a Wii Nunchuck and an EFX Tek control board. Utilizing quarter scale servos and gear reduction drives we are able to move the character head without asking the operator to stick their head in a helmet that is either too small or uncomfortable, either way feedback suggested something better was needed. With all these improvements and added control value we are still able to produce and sell at or below the cost of our so called competition that “originated” the idea. All in all our armature/frame is lighter, better fitting and looks professional in all aspects. It’s time for those “garage looking” frames and armature that are currently being sold as “professional” to be a thing of the past and give the customer something they expect when paying.
    Many of today’s products can be found made in so many various ways and if you take the time to go back and research who actually originated the idea you will find that many times to be different from what you thought. Yes we made “dead buddies” in 2008 and yes they came with a death certificate, Gore Galore has “my pet zombies” with an adoption certificate copies I think not ours are dolls that you can take anywhere with you as they weigh only ten pounds. My pet zombies are static figures that weigh 50 pounds or more. If my memory serves me correct Cabbage Patch kids came out before either Dream Scape or Gore Galore and they offered adoption certificates, point in case is this every industry takes product in one way or another and makes it better in their own way.
    For all those that posted in support of us thank you and for all those that had their own ideas of what the truth really is we encourage you to check your facts and at least check out the very product you are speaking of. We sold plenty of them to dispute what you had to say, I am sure many of our customers will freely give you their opinions of the costumes they purchased at Transworld.

  2. Default Simple 
    If he/they were employed by Kevin then it's Kevins that is what they were paid to do. What they should have done is took the products in a totally different direction. Instead what they were trying to say is were going to stab him in the back and that's what they did and it came off in very bad taste! This is where all this is at! Had they did something different then no one would be in a discussion on this or at least not to this point! I feel bad for Dream Scape and I hope that they were just dumb and over looked as to what would go on here. I realize DS is only trying to branch out but why in the hell did you as a company not say lets do something 100% different thats what drives a company to success not by helping get "Even" Shane and it's sad but true! Shane
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  3. Default Shane????? 
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    Jan 2009
    This was well thought out before doing so trust me and letters were exchanged between lawyers as to what can and cant be done, with that said ours is 100 percent different on the inside making it lighter, more durable and ergonimic. On the outside yes they look similiar because the same artist (his style, his signature) sculpted them. Those that didnt bother to look inside or try one on are judging a book by its cover, try reading it and then forming a decision. There are two sides to every story and of course your going to hear what you want to hear, I heard Kevins story as to why he let them go and I also heard the other side (sculptor) and thus far I have to say Kevin is wrong and I would know as I pay them to do what they do. Kevin is trying to make them look bad with his silver tongue methods which is fine as only time will tell, as will our version of the costume and to all those that support us we thank you.

  4. Default Dreamscap studios 
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    Aug 2003
    I have discussed this with many vendors over the years, it's really a piracy issue. At least, it's the only legal leg to stand on. Non disclosure is pretty much un enforcable, and different states have different time limits on this. What they did do however is terrible, without any code of conduct or sense of loyalty to Kevin's hard work. You are not an original, you are a crap knock off. Think of something different, new to revolutionize the business, you got found out. Ex Mortis doesn't need this industry, and Wayne has moved on but still makes a great product. The difference here is malice, Kevin trusted you and you shot down the nicest best vendor in the show. In the end, dreamscap, I truly hope you come up with something different we can all talk about, but don't take someone's brand identity, yes, a product that is so closely linked to a company.

    If you don't change, will soon see an electric Chair Knock-off or Video display piece?
    Listen to them, Children of the night. Oh what music they make.

  5. Default Let me say this. 
    Kevin told me nothing and if you read my other post on the other thread you will see I heard it from others. At the end of the day it's none of my business for that matter. The bottom line is lighter, taller, shorter, fatter, brighter, darker, WHATEVER the bottom line is they took something a vendors has made his business on and ripped it off. I heard this from many of the buyers that's what people talk to me about. It's not like they found the vendor in China and bought mass products to sell as cash and carry. Again I have no use for the costumes myself. But I can say Kevin is one vendor who has never taken a dime that did not belong to him and he has never failed to produce and deliver! This alone sets a bad taste because of the way he treats his customers. All I am saying is now your involved in something that's going to hurt you in the long run. I could be wrong and again really don't care as neither helps my business. But given a reputation of a honest hard working vendor or doing business with a vendor who stabbed another one in the back which do you think will come out on top? Newbies to the Indusrty you will get yeah but they come and go but the ones who has been around is the ones who you have to worry about. Shane and it's either way it's your business but I hear and see alot it's what I do! Shane

  6. Default Thanks! 
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    Jan 2009
    Again thanks for your views on this matter, we will be sure to keep up the good work and deliver a better product for a better price with more options that are superior to our competition. Say what you want as our product speaks for itself and the orders show just that.

  7. Default  
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    Jul 2005
    Cincinnati, OH
    Guys, it's just the nature of the beast. If a person works for a company and branches off they are going to create similar products. Guys from Nox Arcana used to work for Midnight Syndicate. Their sounds are somewhat similar in ways, but it doesn't mean they're bad people or they are copying. They are just using their talents to branch off. There are many companies that have started products. Coke was around since the late 1800's and then Pepsi comes out in the early 1900's with a product that tastes very similar. Star Trek was out well before Star Wars and they both have similarities. It might not be a ground breaking idea creating stalk around costumes similar to Gore Galore, but it was bound to happen. I'm shocked that it didn't happen earlier in the haunt industry. If people don't like their version of the stalk around costume or corpses, then they won't buy. It's really that simple. There are countless number of haunts that copy each other, but that doesn't mean they're shady. If it did a lot of people would be held accountable for not being creative and stealing other haunts' ideas. Every haunt on this board has taken ideas that aren't their own. I can guarantee it.
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  8. Default  
    Nightgore Guest
    Didn't the guys from Unit70 branch off of Scarefactory? That's almost an EXACT example of this discussion!

    Let's look at these examples:

    Sinister Scents and Froggy's Fog
    Minispotlight and Darklight
    Haunted Enterprise and Studio TekFx (Cage Mazes)
    All the silicone masks companies now
    Nightscream's Vacuform and the new companies out there.
    SpookywoodsFX and Haunt Tactics

    We will ALWAYS see this...is it a bad thing? NO! The way I see it, competition breeds creativity. I would NOT be surprised to see some amazing things that vendors will push the limits on! (Making it harder to "knock off").

    It's not a problem, I don't see it as one...I'm all for options. I think in this case what will decide who get's what business will be price, customer service and delivery times. Time will only tell.


  9. Default  
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    Mar 2010
    Tyler, I could not AGREE with you any more. You hit it right on the nail.

    From my own perspective, and I'm not saying my view is right or better, this is just what I see...

    Look at the industry. Look at who WE are. We are people who make money off of making people scream, we thrive off of drama and making others freak out. This can be harmless or create an entire second life for some people, and when that second life merges with everyday life bad things can happen. We are dramatic by nature, and we are all proud of our creations in our own way, and sometimes we as "haunters" allow ourselves to become too attached to our creations, so when others try to do something similar and modify it to make it "their own" some of us can get really offended.

    Has anyone else noticed how many mask companies started this year? How many silicone mask business sprouted from this year alone? Why aren't we fighting over the "HEY I MADE THE FIRST SILICONE MASK! YOU COPIED ME?!" simply put, masks are great, and there's so many possibilities. That's no difference with this, Gore Galore was a large pioneer in bringing these types of costumes into the haunt industry, but that doesn't mean they need to be the ONLY one. Hats off to someone else for making over-sized costumes, go for it. We as an industry need to stop being so cut throat and cold hearted, leave that act in October.

    Now Gore Galore is INCREDIBLE, and definitely one of the best, especially when it comes to customer service and reliability, but they don't NEED to be the only company.

    Look at other industries, how many other companies make their own tupperware, how many soda companies are there that make different flavors of soda??? The haunt industry is GROWING and this proves it. We should encourage more people to become vendors, show off their creativity and share ideas and thoughts, (I am NOT saying everybody copy each other at all) I'm saying enjoy this, see it as a good thing, this is proving growth, progression, and prospering.

    I may only be 18, and I may be just a college kid running a haunt for a Relay for Life in MAY of all times, but I still manage attractions in October and I still help everyone as much as possible, in my Sponsorship post a while ago I have sent out over 200 copies of my "Quick Tips and Tricks of Sponsorship" and I ask nothing in return of it. I come on HauntWorld to read about new techniques, read silly stories of good scares, hear about cool products, and ask for help. I hate coming on here to read all this babying and whining over who stole what from who. My Relay for Life attraction is based entirely on donations from sponsors, be them companies or individuals who help out by donating anything and everything haunt related. I don't get paid for this, I do this because I enjoy it and will hopefully learn a thing or two so when I graduate in a few years, I can save and open my own attraction and have it be successful. I have been promised by so many companies, and people that they would donate something to our attraction, and have been tossed around and have jumped through hoops just to help other people, and have recently been played by 4 people, because they thought it was funny to get my hopes up. Do you know how much that sucks??? I'm trying to raise money to help further and provide cancer research, treatments, and support groups, and people promise really nice donations and laugh at me. This industry is so hurtful, pathetic, and unreliable, but I can't help but love what I do. I love volunteering and I will give the shirt off my back for just about anyone, and seeing crap like this everytime I sign on to hauntworld is so depressing. You people don't realize the impacts of this baby bullcrap on some people, and I really hope that everyone who read this get's something out of this, be it little or small, I don't care, just open your eyes a little more, please.


  10. Default Tyler 
    Show me one thing that Unit70 does that looks anything like Scarefactory's product and we will shut up. Buddy that was the worst example in the Industry history. HOWEVER IT MADE MY POINT! WHY DID THEY NOT DO SOMETHING ON THEIR OWN! I see where Matt was going and I agree 100% with him. They took a nice guy and slapped him in the face and said we will make it better and sell if for less. Did they? Will they? Was it? Will it be? Who knows.

    Why could they not have said we will come up with a product that will wow the Indusrty and let Gore Galore have his damn costumes? My take because they were classless! Trust me it want get you to where you want to be. Yeah you made some money off new buyers the ones that did not hear what was going on. Hell you did not have to hear it you could see it for yourself. My take Kevin feed them their own medication and see what they say next year. Dream Scape you have got to show the Industry your better than this! Trust me theres more talk on the buyers side than you really know. When a family member is hurt the guns come out! Shane and it's I know you are way better than this low blow! Shane

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