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Thread: Spooky things for my Voodoo Room

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    Dec 2008
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Val and John at Phantom Foundry have a nice Voodoo Doll costume too


    I'm working on a few similar props myself.. it's hard to find some magic things like that, because you can't just go down to 'Wal-World' and buy them.. :/
    Good thing is, it forces a lot of art-work to happen!
    I like your little jar-lamps!!
    Netherworld Haunted Attractions

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    Jul 2010
    Thanks all! I did see the gorgeous Dead House stuff... simply fab stuff!!! Working on a tight budget, I'm hoping to accomplish a teeny bit of that look!!! I love that attention to detail...that's SOOO me!! I would've drooled for hours over the Dead House stuff!!!

    I couldn't find anything either Banshee so creating it myself seemed to be the way to go, both for idea and cost. I plan on making dozens of lanterns on just hanging them around the room and hoping it looks super cool!

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    Dec 2010
    Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
    Quote Originally Posted by freak 'n' stein View Post
    Awesome inspiration [MENTION=14075]hauntedkimmy[/MENTION]!! Our entire haunt theme this year is a voodoo manor! The lovely [MENTION=16574]HauntChick[/MENTION] wrote our story for us and we've been hard at work re-vamping EVERY room in the haunt!!!!

    I like being called "lovely" And I enjoyed writing voodoo since I'm from Louisiana and all. It's quite facinating that most people think of voodoo as abstract and southern. Whereas I look at it like a tradition, a part of my heritage.

    And CB, I need you and Mr. Stiles to send me a quote for the site, please... Thanks!

    Catie Mahfouz
    Blood Ink Writing Service

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    Jul 2010
    ...and every self respecting voodoo girl needs a shrunken head or two. I just finished up one with the charcoal blackened look and might do another in the natural look. !!
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