Are you coming to MHC and looking for some great education but don't want to
spend your entire weekend in classes? Are you looking for more in depth
information from some of the top speakers in their areas of expertise? Want to
learn something new?

Returning for 2011, MHC is once again proud to announce our Extended Weekend
Workshops. These pay-per-class offerings will be 3-4 hours in length and will
cover the topics that you asked for. MHC is very pleased to have some of the
best speakers available offering these classes and all of them are very excited
to be able to present this info to you. Check out the descriptions below and
reserve your spot today!

Haunt Creation - Expanding your theme and dream into an awesome attraction -
Saturday June 4th – 1pm – 4pm

Cost - $50

From the person who brought you Anti-Fung Shway, Allen Hopps takes a wealth of
ideas and pares them down into what works and then implements them in a haunted
attraction. He will pass on how he designs attractions and knowing what to
keep and what to drop and why that is important. As well as haunted houses in
the conception stage, this workshop is great for any haunt, allowing them to
smoothly integrate new ideas into their haunted attraction or fit new ideas
into an existing theme that has become constricting or stale.

This workshop will help you get what is in your head into your haunt. What is
great about haunted attractions is how they reflect their owners
personalities. As attractions grow, it can seem like they become more similar
as they incorporate the same products from the same vendors. This class aims to
keep your attraction personal while designing to make large crowds happy.
Design and design integration are major challenges that can drastically affect
your customers opinions of your haunt

Allen is known for giving helpful advice on haunted attraction forums and
thinking differently about attractions. His methods have been successful in
the many attractions that he has worked in as an actor, manager, owner, and
Artistic Director. This is a chance to spend 3 hours with him as he does a
brain dump of his haunt knowledge. Allen doesn’t think he has all the
answers-no one does, but he has faced a lot of design integration challenges
and will share with you how he overcame them so you don’t have to!

ZOMBIES & GORE – Pashur - Saturday June 4th @ 9:00 am

Let’s hear it for blood and gore! Yaaay!! In this class Pashur will show you
fast gore effects you can use in your haunt. In the class you will learn to
create Blood Red Eyes, Scars, Scrapes, Zombie Bites, Vampire Bites, Bruises,
Stitches, Cuts, Gashes, Broken Bones, Ripped Face, splattered blood, other
blood effects and a Zombie design called Zombie Kiss that truly takes 1 minute.
Then Pashur will show you how to create a Zombie using a bruise wheel as well
as a Rotten Zombie. After the demos, you will paint yourself or a classmate as
a zombie and Pashur will walk around and assist you where needed.

10 Things to bring so you can zombie yourself up:
#4 Round Brush, #10 Filbert Brush and a Make Up Sponge.
Face Paints: Black, Gray and White
Bruise Wheel
Baby Wipes, Cup of Water, Towel or Paper Towels.
Optional: Mirror if you plan to paint yourself.

Advised: Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

Class is Demo and Hands-On
Class is only $50.

Improv Acting for the Haunter - Sunday June 5th 12:30-3:30

Cost - $35

Improv hones our interaction skills, the exact element that your actors bring
to your patrons. We will cover a number of Improv exercises focusing on
Character Development, Team Building and the number one rule of improv, “Yes,
and..” The best part is that learning this stuff is fun. Wear comfortable
shoes and be prepared to participate. How else will you be able to give your
actors the tools they need to take their performance to the next level than by
learning it yourself?

Nathan Edmondson has been haunting since 2002 and will be entering his third
year as Theatrical Director of Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State
Penitentiary. He is a co-founder of the comedy improv troupe, Rare Bird Show,
which performs regularly in Philadelphia and has headlined numerous top improv
festivals around the country (and beyond), including the Chicago Improv
Festival, the Toronto International Improv Festival and the Del Close Marathon
at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC. He is an instructor for the
Philadelphia Improv Theater and recently led a workshop for Cirque du Soleil.
Recently, Nathan has been making some films.

Airbrushing - Nick Herrera - Sunday June 5th 9am - 12pm

Cost - $50
Join one of the best airbrush artists in the country for a great 3 hour
workshop on airbrushing with an emphasis on haunt designs. This is a class not
to be missed!

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