Hey guys.

I found many older posts and recommendations on audio solutions, but more specifically the 8TraXX audio player for controlling up to 8 separate ambient audio, which is exactly what I was looking for, but unfortunately a little out of budget considering this season will be our first pro season haunt. Plus I still would need to purchase a bunch of speakers.

However, I was searching and searching eBay last night hoping a better solution would appear and came across a huge factory direct audio seller.

They just came out with (2) brand new speaker models (12" & 15"), which are controlled via SD/Flash card from the back of speaker with all controls, adjustments, built in amps, and computer screen.

I couldn't have wished for finding a more perfect audio solution. Put them anywhere you want without wires all over the place, worrying about being connected to any audio player, etc. They appear to be a bit pricey at first whether you buy a pair or single unit, but after reading through the full description and video I think they're well worth it.

I think it's a perfect solution for haunters with the ability to just put the speaker anywhere you want, pop the SD/Flash card in and walk away!

Here's the links to both the 12" and 15" models I am currently watching on eBay. Below the links are the actual Codes (speaker models) you can quickly type in the eBay search bar to pull them all up.