And fantastic news it is. I just got off the phone with my old buddy, that rowdy cowboy himself, Chris Russell from Twisted Toybox. Chris was originally going to be one of our surprise speakers at Ironstock ’07, but alas he has decided that he’s not going to take one of the hour long slots. Of course I was disappointed at first, but then the conversation went in a much more exciting direction. Chris will be at his booth all week-end working on an original sculpture that will end up being part of his new product line, for all to see. I understand that he normally barricades himself in his studio with a fist full of No-Doz and a bottle of Wild Turkey and doesn’t allow anyone to see his wild creations come to life, so this will be a previously unheard of opportunity to see the madman at work. We are thrilled to know that there may be an Ironstock inspired creature in your haunt some day.