Can anyone give me a list of their favorite horror movies of all time.

Off the top of my head, my favorite of all time would have to be The Exorcist. I cannot even begin to imagine seeing that movie back in the 70's before all of this new technology came out. I still think that movie is one of the creepiest and freakiest movies of all time, that I have ever seen.

Some other of my favorite horror movies:

Nightmare on Elm Street- The concept of the sleep you die is probably the most terrifying idea of all time hahaha...genius!

Dawn of the Dead- The zombie movie that started it all, and created the zombie craze that is becoming ever more mainstream these days!

Child's Play- Something about a doll coming to life and killing people that is very scary! lol

Halloween- Still one of the best of the best.

The Strangers- Alot of people are wishy washy about this movie, but I absolutely loved it. Very suspenseful, eerie and alot of startle scares. And it had a couple of the creepiest parts that I can remember in a horror movie. When the woman is filling her glass of water, and you can just see the guy with the mask and knife in the background in the dark room just staring at her slowly coming into focus....and then at the end when the lady asked why the people were doing it and they said "because you were home"....AHHHHH! that was insane! lol

Well...gotta get ready for work! More to come tomorrrow guys! Feel free to add your input please! I need to find some more horror movies to add to my collection!