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Thread: DMX controllers

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  1. Default DMX controllers 
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    Oct 2007
    I am starting to look into the world of DMX software and controls. This is all new to me so I wanted to see if you guys use it and could point me in the direction for where to get them that worked well for controlling even flame effects as well as lights. Is it also true that you can get the dmx controllers that you do not need a PC on site while operating?

    Thanks for any insight and sources!


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    May 2008
    Las Vegas
    yes there are controllers that you do not need to have hooked up to a computer....but you can get some controllers that are more expensive then having a computer hooked up to a dmx interface such as a cheap enttec device. http://enttec.com/ This is just one of the many companies that offer things like that...Hopefully this gives you a start in some way....heck...the popular light o rama even lets you control dmx now through their system...


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    Aug 2003
    DMX is most certainly a good way to go.

    Minispotlight.com offers DMX control boxes for their leds.
    And led panels provide great lighting. You can do any color, and amount of light.

    Strobes can be done too.

    There are quality foggers out there with DMX control built in to allow you to control your fog duration, delay, and quantity of fog.

    You can see how these could help you produce your show lighting and effects the way you want them done and even from a central location.

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    Feb 2010
    I programmed 4 small dmx shows for a garage haunt into a Gilderfluke Mini Brick 8 this year and it worked flawlessly! I used the DMX decoders from minispotlight.com to control the minispotlight leds using DMX.

    The Gilderfluke Mini Brick 8 allows you to store DMX up to 64 channels I believe. Keep in mind, the more channels you use, the more memory it takes up. My 4 small shows had I believe 8 DMX channels. Each show was approximately 2 1/2 to 3 minutes long.

    Highly recommend Gilderfluke.


  5. Default Dmx help is here! 
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    Oct 2010
    Arroyo Grande CA
    I am about to release an article on our website that I have been putting the finishing touches on called "DMX for Haunters" so look for that on our website in the near future (I'll come and post a link here when I do). In the meanwhile, I will give you some quick pointers.

    SOFTWARE CONTROLLERS: These are extremely versatile, need to be hosted by a computer, and need some sort of DMX dongle for your computer. We use the enttec open DMX for most haunts and even sell the unit on our website as it is the best value DMX dongle we have found and we scoured the earth. For software suites there are 2 families of controllers:

    CUE to CUE : this is what live theater tends to use and is designed for someone to click "next" each time you want the light to change and are really handy if you are in a situation where you have a "light booth". For this I recommend Dove system's star port or there are myriads of inexpensive or free options on the web.

    TIMELINE BASED: These suites offer the ability to synch DMX commands and audio to a time line and create a little show that will play back. This is very handy for haunters because you can add all your effects together and see them in relation to one another on a single screen. I recommend Vixen if your budget is $0 but if your a bit more serious and would like to really get a handle on your props, lighting, and whatever else I always use V.S.A. (visual Show Automation) i think it sells for $60.

    HARDWARE CONTROLLERS: We are in the in development of a haunter specific hardware controller that will be very easy to use and host a show locally in a set or prop. We'll be releasing this soon, our hope is to have it for this upcoming trade show season. That being said there are other hardware controllers out there, many actually, For the haunter the ENTTEC line is the closest thing for a good price at the moment but we are fixing that.

    LOW VOLTAGE CONTROL FROM DMX: if your looking to control multiple types of effects from a DMX environment I recommend taking a look at our Ether-Hub16-DMX. This device does double duty for DMX users. Firstly it's a lighting controller so any of our LED fixtures just plug right into it and it will allow very accurate control from 0% to 100% with a pro-grade incandescent style dim. If you would like to use other LED lights you may already own we offer a quick adapter that allows you to add an RCA jack to your light and now that can be controlled as well. Secondly if your looking to control other devices from your DMX controller the RCA plugs on the EH16-DMX are 12VDC and you can use that same adapter to trigger prop controllers or other 12vdc devices. We commonly plug neon lights, small motors, etc. right into the box so now you can sych your props, lights, and audio smoothly in whatever software you choose. We will also be releasing a few new DMX control accessories in the near future that will expand your bag of tricks without having to be an electrical engineer.

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  6. Default Darklight DMX Controllers and Flame Simulator 
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    Apr 2009
    Santa Clarita, CA
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkangel View Post
    I am starting to look into the world of DMX software and controls. This is all new to me so I wanted to see if you guys use it and could point me in the direction for where to get them that worked well for controlling even flame effects as well as lights. Is it also true that you can get the dmx controllers that you do not need a PC on site while operating?

    Thanks for any insight and sources!

    We recently developed a very capable DMX LED controller with 6 output channels and capable of driving up to 120 LED spotlights. We have built in flicker, flash, chase, and blink modes that operated without DMX, you can also fully control each individual channel via DMX.

    If you want a simple flame effect, you don't even need DMX with our controller: just hook up a few red LEDs to one channel, and a few amber LEDs to another channel and select the "flicker" mode. The red and amber LEDs will flicker randomly and independently. You can even tune the speed and brightness of the output.


    For a even simpler flame simulator, check out our flicker module, only $20: http://www.darklightsystem.com/produ...Simulator.html

    The world's SMALLEST and BRIGHTEST LED spotlights! Built for haunters.

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    Aug 2003
    poughkeepsie NY
    two words...Venue Magic!

    "the boogeyman is real, and you found him"

  8. Default DMX 512 SweetLight 
    Paul Jeffries Guest
    Hey whats up guys. I have been messing with DMX for a couple years and looked for the most user friendly software and hardware out there. I found this software called SweetLight. The software can do many things at once.

    I work at as a Audio / Visual Technician, Grip, Actor at Wells Township Haunted House. http://www.wellstownshiphauntedhouse.com/

    With Sweetlight software you can program a Audio scene, a video scene and light scene one one time line!
    Get this if you use dmx dimer packs you could incorporate special FX (on the light scene)
    Any questions just email me Paul Jeffries
    Dimmer Pack
    DMX 512 SweetLight http://www.sweetlight-controller.com/

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