I could not find what I was searching for in past fire retardant post topics. I apologize if this question has been asked before!

I'm looking at both the Universal Fire Shield (via Scareproducts.com) and the famous NY Fire-Shield.

Both of them offer Latex Paint Additive or strictly Wood Shield. Not quite sure what is best for the situation.

We have approximately 280 pieces of plywood and I was curious as to how far the fire retardant products go considering you can buy them by the gallon, 5G, or even 55G on NY Fire-Shield's website.

All of our wall panels are going to be painted for a variety of rooms. I would say about 100 of those 280 pieces will be black. And about 20 will be covered with full 4x8 vacuform pieces.

From what I have gathered the fire retardants appear to be clear like a lacquer unless you add a "tint" to them.

Is there a right way and a wrong way to coat panels with fire retardant? Say we paint all our panels and then coat them with the Wood Shield. -or- purchase the Latex Paint additive fire retardant and make it all one step? There seems to be a bit of a price difference for the Latex Paint Additive fire retardant product.

Besides deciding which fire retardant product is the better choice I'd really like to get an estimate on how much we'll be needing for apx. 280 pieces.

Any advice is greatly appreciated ladies and gents!