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Thread: Do you play undercover boss when your haunt is running?

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  1. Default Do you play undercover boss when your haunt is running? 
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    Jul 2010
    Hartford CT
    Do you pretend your a customer and walk though to be sure they're not playing cards in the back?

  2. Default My Wife Does This. 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Puts on a mask & costume, provokes the employees, sometimes scares them, sees what they would do if some stranger was lurking where they weren't supposed to be= very usefull.
    Of course she also has fun doing this.
    Scares some of them sometimes.
    Catching them playing cards is only really bad if it's Strip Poker.

  3. Red face  
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    Feb 2009
    Last year was the first time that I have done this myself. I thought I would try it since we had alot of new volunteers. It proved to very valuable. Got all the newbies started on the right foot. A put on a costume went out to the field and when they relized it was me then I left the field and put on another. I don't have a very big turnover with volunteers. There are just a few new ones every year. It was fun and I probably will do this again.

  4. Default  
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    Nov 2003
    All the time.

  5. Default Sort of 
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    Mar 2009
    I am constantly walking my trail backwards. It has about 65 turns on a one way path through a corn field so I can stop just short of my guys and listen to reactions or peek through corn and see it. Lets me have a really good feel for the whole show. Plus going backwards I get to hit every customer coming toward me. Sometimes I go with no mask and just a flashlight I flick on my self saying louldly "I'm just security...why are you shaking/wet/out of breath/jumpy ?" After they volunteer all the info I want to know I part them with a "You know what is really funny.......people think I work here" and disapear down the trail onto next victims.

  6. Default  
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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    Taking a cue from SCarowinds, we don't even pretend to be undercover. When I worked at SCarowinds, our maze managers walked with groups every now and then just to ensure the show was running smoothly. Since I've been with the Hall of Horrors, we do the exact same. The actors then know they will be checked in on frequently. It's not fool-proof, but it has its merits.
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

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  7. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Luray, VA
    I'm usually all over the place. Behind the scenes, with groups going through, in costume and out. My favorite thing to do is wait until about half way through the night, and put on a new costume that no one has seen me in, and work my way through the house. The actors will say things to the unknown new guy that they wouldn't dream of saying to me. I love seeing their face at the end of the night when they realize it was me. HEHE Of course it only works on the new guys. The veterans expect that all unidentified creatures could be me.

    Louis Brown
    Owner, operator, and dish washer
    DarkWood Manor

  8. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    We also utilize several actor leads. They are not in make-up or costume. One goes through with a group at least every fifteen minutes. They are able to look for potential problems and again keeps the actors on their toes! We also send a co-ordinator through regularly without a group ti make sure someone doesn't need water, bathroom break, has a propproblem, etc.
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

  9. Default  
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    Jun 2008
    Warsaw, IN
    I think I walk my maze 20 times a night. I like to stay just behind a group out of sight and when they enter a scare area and their attention is on that, I make up the ground and watch the actors work on that group. Then I come around the corner and say "good job" or offer advice.

    Now I sometimes get spotted by the group, and if that is the case I'm in costume, so I do a little chase and get them moving forward, then hide and get behind the next group.

    I don't have much problem with actors getting out of costume and "playing cards" or whatever, we are usually in constant scare mode from open to close due to the traffic. Sometimes during the first half an hour its slow, but not usually an issue.

  10. Default Every Night! 
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    Nov 2004
    Painesville, Ohio
    I think it allows you to see what your actors are doing when it's not you and you get to see true customer reaction so you can fix what doesn't work. I end up constantly walking through the houses, and I let them know that I am so that they are on guard consistently.
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