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Thread: Of QR Codes, Tags and SMS

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    [MENTION=2513]freak 'n' stein[/MENTION], no worries. I understand where you're coming from. Like everything, it's just user preference. I think just as consumers, everyone wants the easiest thing and as business owners, we want to provide that. I think haunts should utilize everything that they can that people are using. QR codes, mobile apps, NFC's, etc... There's always the next big thing just around the corner... so use it. Just don't focus on one thing or over invest in it. Investigate them and figure out how to develop a solid marketing plan utilizing them with the flexibility to change when needed.
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    Thanks for this thread! I've tried to keep up with all the threads on this topic and it's kinda confusing and a little frustrating. BUT i feel like some questions have been answered and I'm gonna do some more research!

    I've written a back story for our haunt and we're expanding it into videos this year. We're making use of youtube and facebook to really get our information and story out there. BUT i want to make sure our guests can get on the spot info too since many of them still won't know about the story. I hope to offer a few character profiles to smartphone users and maybe even a "behind the scenes" clip with the owner and some staff. It'd make the experience that much cooler and the wait that much easier.

    And to anyone who needs a back story (or just help taking it to the next level), personal message me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Inks View Post
    My feeling on QR's is that I wouldn't use them exclusively or in a way that was critical to the enjoyment of the haunt. However, they are a free and rather nifty little tech "hidden-gem" that can be available for those who choose to employ the technology. Just another layer. But SMS, just about everyone can text and it's a simple way for people to interact with the story. Just gotta find the right system.
    Ha! You are just NOT giving up on this SMS thing!! jk, jk...well actually I think that's a cool idea. I've been to clubs/concerts that employ the "text to screen" thing. A fun way for guest to entertain themselves on the "big screen" for all to see...all while gathering information to further market your event to them.
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