Hi Haunt World!
Well, we took a year and change off to revamp our company and we are pleased to announce our return to the haunted attraction industry. We are open now for custom haunt commercials and of course our stock spots are available as well (although a bit dated, they are still an affordable option). We are also in the middle of creating / designing new stock commercials, so they will start appearing soon. Keep you updated on that....

Ok, to cut out alot of the guess work, here is our current pricing (each spot includes broadcast, youtube and web versions):

STOCK COMMERCIALS (your logo and info added to end)
Stock Commercial unaltered - $300
Stock Commercial with custom narration - $450
Stock Commercial with 3 of your images substituted in the spot - $400
Stock Commercial with custom narration and image substitution - $525

CUSTOM COMMERCIALS (includes concept, editing, sound design and narration)
Custom Commercial using your existing footage and pics - $850
Custom Commercial using HD footage shot by Elswarro Media - $1500
Custom Commercial with our crew shooting at your location - email for details and availability

This is based on 30 second commercial lengths. If you want to add another 30 seconds (one minute total) there will be an additional $500 charge.

All broadcast versions will be in a tapeless format (uncompressed quicktime) so make sure your cable company will accept it. (99% do)

Our turn around times are 7 business days for stock commercials, 14-17 business days for customs (depending on the complexity)

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@elswarro.com

We look forward to working with you all!