Right now no one knows your specific town, you age, your non profit idea is registered? Experience with charities in any capacity? Maybe your dog in costume is cool but it doesn't warrant dime one. Or the time that equates to spending money in a way.

On a forum like this we can put out all the information we can think of, someone may read it and benefit from it. We have no idea if we are addressing anything specific to your situation as we have no information about you. No one else does either. You have a facebook, twitter and a game account and none of them has the slightest profile information that would make anyone comfortable to offer anything.

It is a two way street. If you did run into someone that was an investor, you wouldn't even know it. They woud probably tell you they could tell you something for $2500. Oh, you don't have any money? Hmmm.

You might get some real support if you actually existed.