2011 Minions Web Post Transworld Show Pricing and
Product Pre-Ordering Sales have begun!

Pre-order and Show Specials pricing will end 4/17/2011.

First things first, my apologies for how late and how short an ordering period there is for the sale listings are this year. We have added an unprecedented amount of new products to the line-up for 2011. All the new products created a huge amount of web and pricing work, delaying this announcement.

As in past years, Minions Web Ultrabright All weather LED Spot/Flood Lightbulbs are on pre-order sale. We are offering the best pricing of the year for the 6th Generation of LED bulbs, in every color you could want:
wide band black light UVDuo 375-410 nm, 380nm UV, blacklight purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, warm white, cool white and Infra-red.

As always we are offering the multi bulb discounts for the best possible savings.

Improvements to the bulbs for 2011:
1) an improved lamp base to minimize potential wicking of moisture into the electronics capsule
2) epoxy encapsulation inside the bulb stem further protects the driver circuit from moisture penetration
3) we are changing the material that adheres the lens from a thermoplastic to a silicon epoxy - the lens will adhere better in all climate conditions, regardless of temperature changes

As in the past, all Minions Web LED bulbs are 100% produced in the same factory which produces our LEDs ensuring proper binning (color & output match). We produce the only potted all weather bulbs in the industry.

New Bulbs for 2011:
1) MR11 BiPin Ultrabright 9 LED 12v AC/DC 50 degree spot light bulbs, which are very compact and can be dimmed with DC dimmer controls or AC when used with the appropriate transformer.
They come in 8 colors, which are brighter than comparable bulbs with 2x the leds.

2) MR11 BiPin Ultrabright 1 Watt 12v AC/DC 100 degree Floodlight bulbs, which are both compact and 5x the output of the MR11 9 LED bulbs. They too can be dimmed with DC dimmer controls or AC when used with the appropriate transformer.
They come in 7 colors, which are brighter than out 36 LED PAR20 bulbs at 1/4 the size.

Both bulbs are all weather, just like the rest of our product line.

New LED Products for 2011:

Ultra High Density LED Rope Lighting:

We are offering 50 meter spools of our new LED rope light using 3528 LEDs every .4 inches (1.1 centimeters), 3x the typical rope light density.
Another fine Minions Web product, produced in our LED factory, assuring you the best quality LEDs for a superior product.
You will not find any remotely like our LED rope anywhere else.
Available in 8 colors and controllable RGB.

Flexible 5050 LED Strip Lighting - 30 and 60 LED per Meter:

Minions Web LED Flexible Strips are 5 meters in length, constructed with our Ultrabright 5050 SMD LEDs.
We are offering LED rope light using 3528
Another fine Minions Web product, produced in our LED factory, assuring you the best quality LEDs for a superior product.
Can be cut in as small as 3 or 6 LED segments 4 inches long and is Weatherproof for interior or exterior applications.
Available in 8 colors and controllable RGB.

Weatherproof Solid Color LED Falling Meteor Tubes:

One of the coolest advents in LED lighting design, the LED Meteor Tube (also referred to as a snow fall or blizzard tubes) is a wonderful decorative product.
The tubes are perfect for your indoor or outdoor tree, tether or roofline.
They emulate falling stars or snow in the night sky, producing stunning star shower effects
The LED lights "fall" down the tubes and fade away until they reach the bottom.
The bottom LED brightly flashes and twinkles then goes out, awaiting the next line of light to fall.
Available in 5 colors and 2 sizes.

AFX Fog Machines - We offer several different smoke machines to meet most needs:

Identified in 2009 in our factory trip to China, Minions Web has signed on as the US Master Importer/ Distributor of the AFX product line.
The machines range from consumer grade mini foggers to 3000W DMX constant operation machines, made with stringent quality control from quality materials.
With proper care, these machines will last for many Halloweens & events to come - you can pump out fog until the ghouls come home!
We can help you with a wide range of fog machines for applications as diverse as school presentations, sporting events, plays, pep rallies, dance & music recitals, theatrical productions, arenas, night clubs, air flow testing, fire training, concert halls, and industrial applications.

AFX Snow Machines - cost effective and sturdy:

Another superb choice from the AFX products line up the Snow Mahcines produces an avalanche of foamy snow at a moment's notice.
Snowflakes start flying instantly, with no warm-up or freeze-down time is required.
It's durable motor is enclosed in rubber cushions within the case for high output and low vibration.
Snow machine produces real looking snow flakes, at floor level you have a blanket of ground cover, when bar mounted, are thrown up for a snowstorm over the audience 12-25 feet out.
We can help you with a snow machines for applications as diverse as holiday shows, school presentations, sporting events, plays, pep rallies, dance & music recitals, theatrical productions, arenas, night clubs, & concert halls.

AFX UV 400 Watt Blacklight Cannon:

From AFX products line up, the high powered black light unit at a affordable price.
Get glowing!
The cannon will bathe dance floors, stages, haunts, large venues & halls with brilliant fluorescent fun.
Perfect for permanent installations.
An economical choice for theater, stage, sports arenas, & more, great for any production, serious haunter or halloween set up where your event calls for tremedous UV lighting, without breaking your budget.
Extremely large coverage area.

Pre-order and Show Sale pricing will end 4/17/2011.

Most bubs are listed up to single case quantities.
If you require multiple cases please call us for wholesale or distributor pricing at 973 842 8687
We will be limiting our production runs to 10% greater than what is pre-ordered, if you need large quantities, this is your only opportunity.

The sales are running for the shortest period and ending earlier than EVER before.
We are doing this to make sure we can have the products on the boat before the peak shipping season.
With the world economy in the state it is and fuel costs soaring, we can not wait any longer for the completion of the sale to assure 2011 pricing.

We anticipate pre-order & Show order items to ship between 6/15/2011 and 7/15/2011.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

For those who want to know, yes we do group buy orders.

You can combined same tier pricing of different colors to meet the price bracket discounts as well.
We will apply the discount separately.

Pre-order information can be reviewed here:

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Available in 9, 12, 18, 36, 50, 72, and 120 LED and 1 Watt models
More colors than the rainbow.