Your fortunate that the lemp tunnels has sprinklers and alarms. The stuff you install is what will burn in a disaster and the smoke is what is deadly.

Don't get me worng here, I do believe that sprinklers are the most effective for putting out fires. In most fires, though, the smoke detectors and fire alarm will provide much earlier detection of any fire. We already have smoke detectors that are all wired together throughout the event. If one goes off, they all alarm. They are tested by the state inspector every year to make sure they do work. I am confident that we could evacuate everyone out of the whole haunt in 30-45 seconds.

If you read the first thread you will find that it is the whole state of Indiana that this was mentioned about. Our city inspector usually is with the state inspector and lets the state rules be the authority. I did talk to the city inspector when I was preparing the variance application and he was willing to write a letter of support for the variance. The Indiana Fire Marshal is the authority here. He has more training than you or I and is the authority for the WHOLE state.

If you also read my last thread you will find that there are some plans to continue to step up what we do already and more.

The fact that I am happy that our haunt and others in Indiana may continue to operate is genuine for the point of being able to stay in business. I am sure you are happy when you are able to avoid such things or not have to spend a lot of money on something. Don't mistake that in any case that I am not concerned for the safety of my staff or customers.