It started out real tough to get a "Read" on these people. They seemed bored, distracted, uninterested in anything I said or did? It was just four people, mom, Dad, two teen girls.
The girls sat together and never seemed to ever stop figiting in their chairs, whispering to each other.
The parents kept turning their cell phone lights on and off at random moments maybe afraid of being in the dark?
Then they would whisper back and forth, the Father seeming to fall asleep a few times....then after the Mother finally put away her "flashlight" the Father snapped his on to ruin my closing routine!
I then said:"I have never seen four people use their cell phone lights so much! Are you afraid of the dark? If you are, that's OK(but not really) it's your tour, but if there were other people in this group that you didn't know, I would have had to insist that you turn them off because the others would have probably paid to see and hear what I am doing .'
I could visualise this whole little family bailing after the next room, they all seemed as if they just didnot want to be here!?

Then the girls began shrieking , the father began smiling. A few minutes later he was complimenting my show as the girls were again screaming!
Then I "Got" the Father as he walked behind the girls ("Safety"?) He let out a quick "Gulp! " sort of a sound, totally unvoluntary and unexpected by him.
By the almost end of their tour he was being even more complimentary, saying how all of the guys he worked with would now be coming to my house!
Then he said he could not believe my low admission price ($13.oo) "You should be charging 25-30$ a person here for all the stuff that you have here!"