Ok, so we lost our two year, all indoor, location last January and now my haunt lives as a giant tightly packed cube. Sale attempts have met with limited success but truth be known, they were half hearted attempts at best. So I have enough stuff to put together a decent 5000-6000 sf show. I have a two year track record tied to the name with repeat customers. I have a connection and support in the community and a good relation with the building and fire departments. I have a crew of anxious volunteers hoping the show will go on.

I have had a few outdoor location options. They are all temporary and have all the headaches that go with that kind of set up. Quite frankly, the thought of the set up, run show, tear down is more than I can deal with. We were heavily themed and detailed and even if much of that is lost on many, it is a source of pleasure and pride for me.

So now I find myself with an oportunity for a location that will allow a 2500-3000 show (thats themed show space). It will allow for long term occupancy. As, always there are a few city issues to get past, but nothing overwhelming. The parking will be an issue, but the visiblity is great.

So my question is what does a small successful haunt look like. How do you optimize for highest net. Previously we were $13 and entertained for 25-30 minutes. Do you just run the same program, just smaller and halve the price. Do you focus on more detailed and complex, but slower. If people will pay $5 to lay in a coffin and get bounced around for 3 minutes, then there must be some form that can take advantage of the small full sensory experience.

Any thoughts, ideas or references to other small scale successful operations would be appriciated.