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Thread: Smart idea Terrorplex

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    Jan 2010
    Cleveland Ohio
    I am sorry if you or anyone misunderstood me. In no way was I trying to badmouth or undercut anyone or any company. I do not work that way. I was only commenting on direct to garment printing (available in the market currently) vs screen printing, and the person that said they were paying $12 a shirt, that it seemed like a very high price. Maybe some unintentional lines were drawn as to who they were or what they were speaking about. I also did not know if the shirts in question were new or from last year. The comment about not being screened made me believe they were not from us, as we do not offer direct to garment at this time. Again if you misunderstood me or vice versa I apologize.

    I was only commenting that if someone told you direct to garment was more expensive than screen printing or that more colors cost you more (on direct to garment), they were misinforming you. I was only trying to be helpful. Regardless of whether someone prints through us or elsewhere, I am only commenting from professional experience to try to help fellow industry folk understand the products they might be looking at. I was a haunter before even starting in the print industry, and would only make recommendations or advice I stand behind because of that. I would not offer friends or family something I did not stand behind, and I consider all haunters family. If you or anyone else has any other questions about direct to garment printing, screen printing, or anything else, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer any questions or make any recommendations, even if you are not necessarily printing with us.

    Thank You
    Mike "Pogo" Hach
    -Mike "Pogo" Hach

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    No problem Jak I understand where your coming from. Josh we can post a few pics of renovations but I honestly don't even know where to begin. Just about every things been over hauled or redone this yr. I know you'll be out to check it out this yr anyway
    I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!

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