From me? No. FOR ME!
The other night we had 16 people here, all actors from Timberlake Playhouse (3 miles away) Maybe it's an imagination/thing? Maybe an emotional thing? But wow! What reactions they had! Laughing or screaming!
While some of them were moaners when it came to some of my attempts to be funny, others were scream/laughing non-stop! (Much volume!!)
Then when I did one my oldest routines here that I have ever done, most of them were screaming loudly in what sure sounded like total terror!!! (And all the lights were on, big & Bright!)
One young man was seen by my Wife for quite a few minutes after he got scared still mumbling and quivvering , seeming not able to control himself.!!!? (A good way to get attention from everyone else.)
During my Kitchen routine one young woman's jaw dropped, and stayed like that, so I made a motion with my arm and hand as if I was going push under her chin to help her close her mouth, which she then did close before I would have actually made any physical contact with her at all. I asked her after that one routine if she popped her mouth open at that particulair moment because she wanted to catch a "snack" flying passed her mouth? (A possible small, human body-part?)
Of course I was not laughing when all of their reactions were fresh, I waited til after they had all left, then my Wife & I compared our observations and enjoyed them again, being more expressive this time, savoring that recent fun here.