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Thread: One of every ten dollars

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  1. Default One of every ten dollars 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Before taxes, now gets spent on....gasoline! $369.00 a month? or Week? I didn't catch that from the radio. 1 or the other?
    This just may effect the October travel plans for a great many people.... Then the radio announcer stated:"But the price of gas MAY come down to $3.50 by the fall." How in the hell would she know this? OR it may not. Maybe it will be $6.00 by then? Flip a coin newscaster/girl, just tell me you are just flipping a coin to write your script with, OK?

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    Aug 2003
    Tyler, Texas, United States
    It will probably come down in a month or so. There are no supply problems, all the reserves are full and the refineries are all operating at below capacity. The problem is the speculators in the market knowing it is time for summer trips and hanging on to thier investments to soak it as much as possible. It always goes up immediately but staggers forever to come down or correct as those profits get collected in the season of the year.

    Only this time the have screwed over every other commodity as it uses transportation of food or products as well. Actual fuel spending might average $369 per month on average but all those higher prices on all the other things that have gone up or now comes in handy smaller packages for the same price have boosted up household spending big time more than that.

    They have really screwed it up this time only so far everyone is just paying it. Cutting out everything else unnecessary to survive and killing so many more commodities and products. All bets are off until July to see if other countries currencies fall out because we aren't buying from them. It could all get a lot more intresting that gas costs too much.

    It is kind of like an economic world war. The prices got raised globally, the US can't grow but rather than drag down further they can kill other counties little growth plans. The same thing that killed the value of everything in 2006 is now a global tool for destruction and getting paid on hedge funds only on someone elses economy like it starter here. Every little thing that goes wrong somewhere, anywhere now makes someone money. They have made the entire planet a complicated bubble and are now figuring out what strings do what when pulled.

    I heard a report of talking to the regular RV vacationers and those big fuel burning rolling homes for fun. In summary now they are just driving them to the end of the block instead for fun rather than half way across the country. Maybe this will save all the fun money for the fall? Students are forced to do only studenty things. Those on entitlements are only doing the bare minimum and aren't feeling so entitled. Everyone else is still going to work. Maybe not so worn out by all that recreation?

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