troll.jpgGrowing up, I loved to read....about almost anything. But my favorite book by far was a copy of Three Billy Goats Gruff published in the early 80's I think by Scholastic. The illustrations in that particular copy were my all time favorite. I remember just staring at the detailwork in that scary troll and just loving it. I'm working on painting him with watercolors when I have time and included a quick pic of my work in progress to see if anyone else remembers this book.....

I also loved Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things are...again for the highly detailed illustrations.

Last, an episode of Tales From the Darkside where a college girl rents a room from a Professor and the room has a tiny locked closet and the profs creature pet lives inside. That terrificed me into almost adulthood. Watching it again 25 plus years later and I wonder how in the heck that critter ever scared me in the first place, LOL!

Anyone else have a fave source of inspiration from your childhood?