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Thread: Be Advised Nox Arcana Music Policy Change

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  1. Default Be Advised Nox Arcana Music Policy Change 
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    Feb 2004
    The Haunted Forest
    Be Advised: Nox Arcana Music Policy Change

    As the manager of The Haunted Forest Of Carousel I have always used a variety of Dark Ambient music at our show mainly Midnight Syndicate and in the last few years Nox Arcana as well.

    Well all that changed about 2 weeks ago. I was recently contacted by Dark Ambient artist Nox Arcana about changes to their music policy. Just like the group Midnight Syndicate, Nox Arcana had a yearly registration policy, in exchange for putting their banner on your website and hanging up their posters at your attraction during the haunt season you were free to use any of their 300+ song library. They informed me BMI would pursue anyone who used their music or any other BMI music unless you pay them $100.00 this season.

    After a few emails back and forth this is what I got out of them for this new policy change.

    They informed me that due to some OTHER haunts not hanging up their posters or registering their music and using their banners they decided they didn't want to let anyone use their music and waste their time and money printing off posters and mailing them. Fair enough right?

    Here's where it gets funny, I told them I wouldn't use their music anymore and that I would just use other Dark Ambient music by other artists. But I did thank them for the many years that it was free.

    And their reaction to my short honest and courteous email reply?

    They chastised me for not wanting to pay based upon how much money we make in an email about 4 paragraphs long.

    Real classy Huh?

    LOL I've been laughing every since.

    I also informed Midnight Syndicate of the Nox Arcana's Policy Change.

    I guess at The Haunted Forest Of Carousel this year the only posters that will be hanging up will be Midnight Syndicates!
    A friend will help you move but a real friend will help you move a body!

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about the facts & without the facts, your opinion is of no value.

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    Nov 2008
    Des Moines, Iowa
    I had gotten the same e-mail informing me of their changes. I don't think I ever actually used their music in my haunt, but I hung up their posters they sent regardless. It's a shame that they're doing this to so many haunters who supported them.

    Luckily there are quite a few new artists in the industry that would jump at the chance to get their work played at a haunt!

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    Aug 2003
    Luray, VA
    Yeah, I agree. This is a big mistake on their part. They should have just enforced their banner program more. Their is just too much free ambient music out there, and they would have been better off fostering an alliance with haunts rather than alienate them. I think they are cutting off their nose to spite their face.
    But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe all those haunts using their music for free is hurting their sales. I hope it works out for them.

    Louis Brown
    Owner, operator, and dish washer
    DarkWood Manor

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    I don't use their music at all... never even heard a track I dont' think. Who cares, I wouldn't pay them five cents, there are so many others out there who are making awesome tracks who will allow you to use their music in your haunt so use them and forget the rest who won't let you.

    If you aren't making this stuff for haunts or people to use in haunts then who is it for? I'm lost...

    They have the right however to do whatever they want its their music, and well within their rights, however if you dont' like it use something else simple as that.


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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    This photo was taken at MHC. I fully support the music that these three musicians make and sell royalty-free. I will promote their music at every haunt I work with and will no longer mention the 'other' group referenced in this thread...

    L-R: Virgil Franklin, Jerry Vayne, and Ed Douglas. Look them up and listen to their stuff if you're not familiar with it. It's awesome...

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    Aug 2003
    $ 100.00 what a bargin, if you like their music. This is how musicians feed themselves, its their talent. Larry, how about I use the name The Darkness without a license fee to you? It would piss you off! Try getting a quote to build a custom soundtrack to your haunt, or worse, get caught using someone's music and talent without compensation. I assure you, $ 100.00 would look mighty good. Lawyers are $ 400.00 an hour, get my point?

    Listen to them, Children of the night. Oh what music they make.

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    Jun 2006
    Eastlake, Ohio
    Thank you for the notice. I was actually about to buy some of their stuff, now I will stick with my awesome friends Virgil, Midnight Syndicate, and Jerry Vayne.

    Actually I just took a class from Virgil at MHC. He just came out with a cd of "loops" to use with Sony's Acid Music Studio that allow you to very easily create your own sound tracks. I bought this cd for only $10 from him at his class, and have already created some awesome stuff for our haunt this year. Some of the really cool sample tracks he showed us in his class were actually put together by 3rd grade students using the same files.
    Brian Warner
    Owner of Evilusions www.EVILUSIONS.com
    Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House www.Forsakenhaunt.com
    Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore www.Gore-Galore.com

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    Dec 2006
    Athens, Texas, United States
    Too bad thats such a shame. I do own most of their cds but only listen to them around my house. I now see no reason to buy any future cds at all. I hope syndicate takes the ball and runs with it after this outrage.
    I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!

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    Aug 2003
    Seymour, Indiana, United States
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Marich View Post
    Lawyers are $ 400.00 an hour, get my point?


    Damn... I need to revise my fee schedule. lol. Hey Matt, give me a call, let's trade out some legal work for props...
    Brett Hays, Director
    Fear Fair

  10. Default Music Option 2 
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    Feb 2008
    I have another solution to this problem.
    Try using Ambient Sound Tracks that I have.
    All my sound tracks are royalty FREE! PERIOD!

    Here is a link and you can check out samples.


    I have 6 Sound Effects CD'S on top and 21 different Ambient Tracks as you scroll down.

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