As an actor with 10 years experience and as an actor trainer for 6 years, I am always curious to know how you as a haunt owner go about training your actors. Do you do everything in-house or hire someone to come in and do it for you? Are there special things that you do that give your staff that extra edge? I have seen some tremendously cool haunts with some awful actors and also some very cheap-looking haunts with amazing actors.

If you would like to have someone come in and work with your haunt crew while you try to get all those finishing touches done for the season, please drop me a line or visit my website for details. Several people on this board have used my services in the past and their testimonials speak for themselves.

I hope this doesn't come off as a big advertisement for myself, but I do have a very limited number of available dates and would certainly like to talk to any interested parties. I will make a special offer to anyone who contacts me on the website and says they got this off the "HW Forum".

Contact details are all on the site below...thank you.